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As you might know, I lost my 3 year old Sheba on July 6 to adenocarcinoma of the lung. We fought a 4 month battle treating what we thought was stubborn pneumonia. A battle we lost, because we were treating the wrong thing (a really long sad story.)

This week, her brother (same parents, different litter) has begun to cough. To make it worse, the breeder who gave both of them to me told me that the maternal line they came from in Georgia has had 2 cases of lung cancer in young cats.

Yes, I'm freaking a little. I am having a yard sale tomorrow, so going to the vet will be difficult, if not impossible. If I can't get away, or if my vet of choice is not at the clinic (using a different one than I did with Sheba) I will go in on Monday for sure.

Vibes appreciated....Ziggy is my heart cat ....I am so scared.


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I hope everything is OK!!
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Vibes & prayers coming your and Ziggy's way.....
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I hope everything is ok. They cough for all kinds of reasons. for you and your cat.
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Make going to the vet a priority today. Ask a friend to sit in on the sale. If something happens before Monday you'll never forgive yourself, Please go today.

All paws crossed everything will be fine.
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I called the vet and they are booked full until Monday so I made an appt for then. Meanwhile, Ziggy is OK. He coughed once before bed and once this morning that I've heard. He's eating, acting normal, isn't warm, has no other discharges, etc. The cough also isn't the same as Sheba's was, which is a tiny comfort. Of course I won't hesitate to call the on call vet if anything at all changes.

I guess I'll update you when I know more. Thanks for the good wishes and vibes.

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vibes and prayers coming your way!
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Sending lots of and prayers for you and Ziggy.
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Sending good vibes your way .
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Hi everyone,

Yesterday evening, it became apparent that Ziggy is "just" suffering with a snot-nosed cold. He began sneezing occasionally, and sounds a little stuffy when he first wakes up. He doesn't feel too warm, is eating and behaving almost normally--just sleeping a bit more than usual, although that's hard to determine with a cat! LOL

Today at mid-morning I called the vet and cancelled the appt, as it's likely a virus and just will have to run its course. I figured it would be more stressful on him to take him in when he's not really very sick at all. I started him on lysine and am checking his lungs and breathing and making sure he's warm (he sleeps ON me, so he should be!)

The big mystery is where he picked up the cold. I'm thinking it's either from my mom, who has been caring for strays at her house, or from neighbor cats who have been coming on our front porch in the evenings and visiting through the window screen. I just hope my other two don't get sick.

I'm breathing easier now, and hope Ziggy is too, very soon. Thanks so much for the vibes!

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That's so good to hear! Give Ziggy some hugs from us please! And here are some more good vibes that this cold goes away soon!
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