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Rascals is gone

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He ran away and he has not come back its been over 24 hours and we have walked and walked even with his fav food and jingly ball but we only saw him once but he did not want us at all
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Please look at this website: www.catsinthebag.org

There's lots of information there - read through it all carefully, especially the personality profiles. The profiles will help you with strategies and methods to find Rascals.

Though he didn't come to you, I'm glad that you saw Rascals - most cats will stay in the area near their home. It isn't unusual for a cat not to come to his people when they call him, especially cats used to being indoors only. Most cats become frightened once they get outside. They'll behave in ways that don't make sense to us humans, such as not coming to us even when we have their favorite food.

You'll probably have to trap Rascals since it's unlikely he'll let you approach him. If you don't have a trap, call your vet's office or the local shelter - they will usually have a humane trap and will lend it out.

Best of luck getting your little guy back - please let us know how it's going.
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A cat that has escaped the house may very well NOT come to you, no matter how much he loves you and likes being in the house. Outside, everything is a threat.

Even Punkin, the greatest indoor cat in the world, is almost impossible to catch if he gets out, at first.
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I am sad to say that rascals has not come home yet. But we did spot him again today in a huge field by our house which is also by rail road tracks. He ran away from us again into thick brush and to somewhere unknown. But thanks for the advice i will call the shelter and see about a trap
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