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I'd be happy just to have a job! I haven't worked "officially" since Sept 2007, when camp ended. I've been on unemployment and doing odd jobs to survive. Why, oh why would I move to Oregon's 12.2 % unemployment rate? Now, it looks like Las Vegas is in my future, staying with a cousin.

If you hate your job, don't show it! There's numerous people who would love to have it...and the employers know it!
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I voted 'it's a job and that's ok' but most of the people I work with on a daily basis are great. Think that does make a difference. The managers are a complete nightmare though!
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I don't like my job very much. It pays enough to keep the bills caught up with a little left over and I have good benefits. I try to keep a positive attitude about it because I know a lot of people who aren't fortunate enough to have the paycheck and benefits that I have.
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I voted I love it! I have had my share of really, really, really, really bad jobs to know when I have it good. Pay is good, bene's good, I am good at what I do so I have job satisfaction. My boss's have let me know they appreciate my contributions to the work place, which means alot.

The people are overall a nice bunch. A few people are "interesting", but we keep it professional. I laugh everyday at my job (we are a funny bunch) and have found that when I am not feeling so great or stressed there is always a listening ear. It is a nice atmosphere.

My bosses are so laid back. As long as you do your job they let you be relaxed about things like phone calls, web surfing, making appts during business hours etc. The job can be stressful at times with deadlines and demands from clients so he trys not to add to that by allowing people to blow of steam however they need to. Just when its time to put your nose to the grindstone you better be ready!

I work at a dental laboratory in the office. I am the hub of communication!
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I started this thread for a couple reasons. First the fact that my friend said I have never had a job I loved stuck me as sad. I would hate to retire and still be able to say that (mind you at only 35, I have many years to find a job I love.)
Second I guess I maybe focused on the lack of enjoyment in my job because I just completed my Master's degree and I am having a heck of a time finding a job in my field. It is very hard to get started in the counseling field. Most jobs require that I have my full license which requires 3,000 supervised hours. Mind you insurance companies willl not pay you while you are getting your 3,000 hours, but how do I get my 3,000 hours if no one gives me a job? Yes I could work part time, but having just completed my Master's while working full time I'm exhausted & have no desire to go back to that no sleep, no fun, no relaxation having life style. Maybe I'm being picky, but I just want to have a personal life & do things i enjoy like my volunteer work at the cat shelter. I guess I'm bored at my current job, after 10 years I've gone as far as I can in this job, and I'm frustrated to have spent all that time and money on a degree that has been no help.
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I picked "other"

Here is how I feel about my job:

It's nonexistant and I wish it was there.

This is a bad time to hate your job because someone else could come snatch it right away from you and you'll be in the same boat as the rest of us who are unemployed and would give anything to have your job, whether it sucks or not.
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