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How do you feel about your job?

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Every afternoon around 3PM I begin to think about how much I just want to go home & how much I wish I had gotten the job at Best Friends. Now mind you I don't hate my job, but I certainly don't love it either. It's a J.O.B. - Just Over Broke, that's it. I know in the current economy I should complain, but I guess I just feel this strong pull to work for Best Friends. I can't explain it. So this afternoon I started to think about my friend who said she has never had a job she loved. I began to wonder how many people get up & go to work every day that don't really like thier job. Yes there are people I have known that enjoy their job. My dad does, my friends dad LOVED his job. So lets me know how you feel about your job.
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I can honestly say I love my job. I never hate going in the morning, there are days when I want to leave early, but at the end of the day I wouldn't give it up for the world!

- For reference I work in a lab doing drug target analysis for neurological diseases.

I am required to work long days and often 7 days a week, even if on the weekend I only go in for 1-3 hours, it can be quite taxing.
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^That sounds like the perfect job for anyone who is detail oriented and fairly patient.

I'm not working at the moment - I need to be but still have quite a bit of burn out from the last one.
The job was fine, it was the passive-aggressive lying boss that was the problem. Even the worst type of jobs could be dealt with if one doesn't have to work with terrible people.
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I voted it's a job and it's ok with me.

Next year I'll get my degree so should be able to get one I enjoy more.

Saying that I love the people I work with.
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Until 2 years ago i loved my job, but the atmosphere changed, not with staff but with the management.

I left after 31 years in December and went part time at my friends place in January and i love it!.

It's about 3 minutes by car to my office, and with working just 4 1/2 hours a day it means i get to do more things when i want, plus i get to spend extra time with the kids
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I truly love my job, but there are times that the politics of middle management drive me crazy. I absolutely love being a surgical first assistant. I feel like I make a difference every day, in the lives of my patients. The surgeons I work with respect me and trust my judgment, and I have a lot of personal responsibility and autonomy in my practice. The only thing that I'm less than enthusiastic about, is the amount of call that I'm required to cover.

The job of General Surgery/Plastic Surgery Service Coordinator, on the other hand, is the frustrating and stressful part of my job. I have to research instruments and equipment for the surgeons, contact vendors, coordinate with the Sterile Supply department, and deal with the purchasing office and management about large and small capitol budget issues (which is time consuming, and often rather unrewarding.)

I really feel this is the job that I was meant to do. I can't even imagine doing anything else. I feel defined and connected to my job...almost like destiny.
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I have two jobs, one as a receptionist, i love the work, the only downside of it is that a lot of patients are filthy and rude
The only time i dreaded going in was when there was a massive meow fight at work and i told my boss i was ready to quit!

On the weekends I am a waitress, love the job too gets me moving, love the regular clients too and i have so much fun because i mainly chit chat the whole time
I am a bit hesitant because our boss is giving us signs that we may close down by next year, I don't think i will work in another cafe again unless she is going to be our boss!!
I've experienced a few places and this one is so laid back and our team fits in very nicely. Infact I am on my way to work now
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My job involved running the household, cleaning & taking care of my son and our pets .

It's not easy & it's a 24/7 gig but I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world!!

I do miss my old job working in a horse barn, but I have all the time in the world to do that and you're only a mom to little guys for so long.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Until 2 years ago i loved my job, but the atmosphere changed, not with staff but with the management.

I left after 31 years in December
I'm following in Susan's footsteps. I'm leaving my 30 year career in IT at the end of the year and I don't know what I'll do going forward. Things have been getting worse and worse over the last few years.

I hated my job up until the moment I made the decision to leave, now I'm 100% indifferent to it. I'll show up for the next 3 months to draw a paycheck and make feeble attempts from time to time to make it look like I'm actually earning that paycheck. People at work keep telling me to wipe the smile off my face.
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I love my job but then I'm a pet sitter! What's not to love? I work 7 days a week 365 days a year (give or take a day) often for 12 hours a day but I get to love on animals!
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I'm like that guy from the movie "Office Space". If you've seen the movie, that pretty much sums up how I feel about my job right now.
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I love my Job im a bamaid and i feel so at home behind a bar its unreal

the stories you hear from the older fellas about how the country used to be and how they lived compaired to us, we have so much to be thankful for, then you get the lively atmosphere on a nighttime its a great mix

love it
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
I voted it's a job and it's ok with me.
Saying that I love the people I work with.
Same for me...my job is fine. I like my coworkers though
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I work in a vet clinic and I like the work, it's just who I work for. I would much rather be working at a different clinic with people that I respect.
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I am job searching everyday and have been for months, but this economy is tough. I get close to go into business for myself, and then get overwhelmed with the debt that would cause. But it just might be worth it!
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I absolutely love my job ......I work in personnel.I find it to be challenging but also very rewarding.I love being able to help my fellow co-workers,whether it's a family crisis that they have or "my badge quit working",and we have an awesome management team.I have found that you're always gonna have a certain amount of b.s.no matter where you work,but I go to work every day and do my best and I leave with a clear conscience.I've been there for 23 years,so I guess I'm doing something right!
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I love my job and am glad to have gotten where I am in my field - it's fun and challenging. There's always the days that drive you up the wall, but all in all, I do enjoy going to work and really couldn't see myself doing something else at this point in my life.
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I absolutely hate it, and I can't do much about it until I get a couple of degrees under my belt. The only people more clueless and ignorant than those running the are the folks running the government. Cardboard cutouts could do a better job.
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Many people have never learned the following truth, so think carefully about it.

The reason you get paid to work is that it's not always pleasant. If you didn't have the pay to hold you in place, the first time it got boring, or hard, or dirty, or whatever, you'd be out the door.

I always thought the greatest job on earth would be driving a truck for one of the drag-racing teams. But I've talked to their drivers, and they say that's only true for about half of the first season. After that, it's a job, too, and it can be a very hard one.

So, I have a job that was great until about a year ago, when we switched to driving nights and getting paid by the mile and the drop, rather than by the hour. Turned my life upside down, but it's still a pretty good job in the general scheme of things.
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I love the line of work Im in. I love dealing with customers and the restaurant aspect of things. What I hate about my job is some of the people I work with and management. Our GM is two faced and in the same breath of saying something nice will cut you down like no tomorrow. Sometimes the cranky customers get to me and irritate me and when Im having a case of PMS it makes it worse and I just want to get out of there and run to the furthest possible hidey hole I have. Eventually I would like to move up to management because that seems to be more what I would enjoy.
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I love my job, although its not really a job as it is 24/7 and its a way of life. I am a dairy farmers wife and although my OH does most of the work with the larger animals I have my flock of sheep, chickens, geese to look after. When the larger cows have to be moved or thier feilds have to change then I work with him, feeding the calfs is often down as my job when he has tractor work to do. Being on the farm all day surounded by animals is wonderful but it can be very hard work and in the winter you spend most of the winter months up to your knees in mud when everything is not frozen solid. So all in all it is a job that is muddy, messy, very little pay and I wouldnt change it for anything else.
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It seems like the poll needs another option - "I generally like my job, but there some things that annoy me."

Things - I like:
  • The schedule is great. Within reason, I can make my own schedule. We have people that work from 7 - 3:30 every day and people who work from 10-6:30. Telecommuting is OK sometimes as well. The only requirements are that you work the required hours every week and complete the tasks you're assigned.
  • The atmosphere is pretty laid back. If you're falling asleep at your desk and you want to go for a walk or go to the gym, nobody minds.
  • The work is pretty interesting and it's potentially very important. I feel like it's a challenge and I like that.
  • The facility is very pretty and sometimes I just enjoy walking around and looking at it. We have lots of trees, a lake, little streams, and a bunch of wildlife - geese, groundhogs, fish, snakes, deer, and other animals.
  • There's a bit of travel. In the past year, I've been to Switzerland, Lithuania, and Arizona. The conferences are usually pretty laid back, so there's time to see some sights and have a little fun.
  • They're paying me to write my dissertation. It doesn't get much cooler than that. The pay isn't great, but compared to most part-time jobs a grad student could get, it's pretty good. Hopefully, after I graduate, I'll get to keep doing the same stuff and get paid 3 times as much.

Things that are annoying:
  • The commute is rather a pain. I drive 26 miles one way. Unfortunately, with the geography, it's not possible to live very close to the lab. Probably the best I could do if I moved would be ~12 miles, but I would be pretty far away from anything interesting.
  • All of the traffic going in or out funnels into one main road, so a commute that normally takes me 35 minutes can easily take twice that if I try to leave between 4 and 6. I generally try to either leave early or stay late to avoid it.
  • Our lab is in an office building. Most of our experiments involve throwing around lots of neutrons, so we generally have to run them after hours to avoid unnecessarily irradiating anyone. Sometimes, we'll end up staying until after midnight if there is a lot to be done.
  • The job involves lots of writing. There are research proposals, annual reports, journal articles, presentations for conferences, etc. It gets easier as I do it more and more, but it's still not fun.
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I like my job, but would prefer to be elsewhere. I work retail. And while our store is faring the bad economy fairly well (they gave us a 3% raise across the board a few months ago), it still is barely above minimum wage for Oregon, and I can't really make ends meet by myself. My dad helps, but we both agree I need something better. They've been good. It's a fabric store, and others rely on us to help them keep their small businesses going (quilters, seamstresses, interior designers, etc). I've been there three years, which is really long for me in a retail job.

Sure, I have my bad days, but the creative environment well makes up for it. I'm thankful to have a job in this economy, but I know something better awaits me out there. Partly what I'm going back to school for. So I can teach writing. One day... but I need something now to get me through grad school.

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Well, I sort of have three jobs. LOL. DH and I own a rental propery just behind our house, which we rent out during the summer season. We do all the maintenance, cleaning, fixing, etc. However, we only do heavy work with it in the summer. It's nice, because it brings in income without us not having to do much, other than keeping it up and running.

I also work at a grocery store part time, just to pay the mortgage. I work about 2-3 days a week. I'm a cashier and it's okay. I get to chat with lots of people and it gets me out of the house, but it does get tiring. In a few years, I will be quitting this job, once we have kids.

Lastly, I babysit the neighbor's 2 toddlers during the weekdays that I do not work at the grocery store. I enjoy it. I don't have kids of my own, so it fills that void in my life without the financial burden. Plus, it really helps out the neighbors.

It sounds like a lot, but really, it's not. It's like working full time, barely. I work 2-3 days at the store and then 2-3 days babysitting. The rental house, well, it takes care of itself mostly.
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I have been so busy lately that this is my first post in a couple of months! Job #1 I am a floor nurse on a busy cardiac stepdown unit. This is the job that, never thought I would say this, I enjoy. I only work weekends so I make extra cash for that and I like talking to most of my patients. Certain times I have, ahem, issues tolerating my patients, but I think thats the same with anyone that interacts with the public.
Job #2 I am a glorified clinical instructor at the university that I went to to get my first 2 degrees (working on my 3rd-master's in nursing education). I don't actually work in the hospital with my students, I am in the Simulation Lab with them. I can't stand their constant whining, but I am taking this as a learning experience and I now know that I would much rather due staff development or patient education after I graduate. This is the job that I tolerate and I keep telling myself, December is the end of this, lol.
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I am with Grogs in that I generally enjoy work but there are things that can be annoying.

My boss is good about flextime, and it can change day to day according to what I want as long as I am in for any meetings I scheduled and all my work is done. I work from home a lot but on the other side, I am available 7 days a week for the interns to email if they have a question.

The bureaucracy can be annoying but I generally enjoy work and although not happy to see 6am on the alarm clock (I tend to go in early to get work done before everyone starts popping into the office) and so I am not on the super busy train.

They are great about me spending time at the shelter on the days I am just 'on call' for intern questions and I adores the history of the buildings
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I voted it's a job and that's ok. But I'd like to add "for now" to the end of that.

This job is not the best I've ever had, but it's certainly far better than the position I left in January!! In all I'm pretty satisfied with my job; but it can be stressful and some days I'm just too tired and can't wait to get home. I don't know if it's more a pregnancy thing or just the wear and tear of the job. My job title says "office assistant" but really I do everything from receptionist/scheduling work to medical billing and collections. But my boss treats me pretty well and my new co-worker is getting better at her job every day (though she still won't even try to type the dictations ). I don't know that this is something I want to do forever; but at the moment it's good. The plan is to stay home for a while after the baby comes; but I'm hoping I can work something out with my boss to do the dictation typing from home somehow. It would probably only give me about 4 hours a week; but it's better than nothing and keeps me doing something while home with my baby girl.
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I work as a vet tech at a feline only practice and I love it!

I love the people I work for and love getting to interact with kitties all day. I learn something new everyday and really feel like this job is exactly where I need to be right now. It can be very stressful and pretty emotionally trying at times, but it's worth it. We seem to get busier and busier each day as the practice grows and that often means long crazy hours.

For example yesterday was supposed to be a simple low key four hour work day which turned into a crazy 7 hour day!
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I admit I love doing my job, and for many reasons!

I'm currently a Healthcare Assistant on the Hospital Wards, and being around patients and friendly staff really make my day worthwhile No day is the same in that place!

And to make things more exciting for me, I've been looking into University courses (the Nursing Diploma) and I hope to apply through work and get Secondment...I would love to qualify as a Staff Nurse one day, silly as it sounds..but it's my dream!
If I work hard enough and carry on gaining experience like I am now, my chances are increased....it's so good!
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Hate my job. Hours suck, pay sucks, and co-workers suck.
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