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Who's that kitty?

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Darrell and I were killing ourselves laughing last night!

I finally convinced Darrell to take down the black-out shade we had taped to the bedroom window to keep out all the sun (we worked nights and slept all day). We work Evenings now and don't need it anymore. So it came down and now the cats can't get enough of that window!

Last night we're getting into bed and the cats come into the room and I'm just about to turn the light off when Tigger starts hissing and spitting at the window. So we look out to see where the other cat is and there's nothing there. "silly cat". But she keeps on doing it. So we shut the blinds and she stops. Then, out of the darkness we hear her hissing again, so we watch her and she's hissing at her own reflection!!! HA HA and she won't leave the window alone. Now every time it's a little dark in the room and she can see her reflection - she becomes a hissing machine

She never fails to surprise me.
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That is so cute!!!!!! Our kitties chase shadows, but don't react to their own shadows.

The fun has started now that it's summer - the occasional fly that makes it inside is an endless source of entertainment for the whole gang - until it gets caught, of course.

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Hehehe... that's just too cute.
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Aw, poor Tigger!
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How Cute!
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