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Poo or Vomit?  

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Not sure which end this is coming out of. Pink is either pooping or vomiting and I need to find out which!!

It's very yellow & very smelly I JUST went upstairs and missed her doing whatever it is. There is probably 2-3 tbsp.

They are almost 100% still on mom's milk.

I put some newspaper in there, but she went on the towel instead.

I hope it's not vomit .
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Have you seen her usual poo? So you can compare?

Or had the mom always eaten up everything so you had never actually seen kitten poo (quite common! )

My guess is it is poo. Possibly a little extra runny poo.
The usual is yellowish / mustard coloured, and consistency like toothpaste or somewhat softer.
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Yeah it looks like really watery poo :S.

I did see a very little kitten poo yesterday (they are JUST getting to that age) for the first time but I'm not sure about this one. Whatever it was there doesn't seem to be any more this morning. I didn't see any worms, so maybe mom just ate something that upset Pink's tummy?

I hope the kittens start using the box so we can put all the problems with Peaches' tummy behind us (ha ha...); but it also means they are growing up!!
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