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2 questions

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is it normal for these cats to hide and whine while Im feeding? This happened twice and i couldnt see the cat. He never came out either.

Also there is a cat across the street - i have to ask that neighbor if he is theres - but I think he may be from this colony. The others were crossing back and forth - i dont think he knows there is food on my side.

How can i get him over? My other neighbor saw him in the st while a cat on my side walked toward him - a car passed and he ran back.

Should I trap him or entice him with food??? As far as i know he is by himself.


Ps the tom cat is better - the area is still there but the hole is now scabbed. He does have a puncture wound in his side so I am going to get a big carrier and hopefully get him this week - he walked into my small one but his hind legs were sticking out.
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The kitty across the street - if he's hungry, he'll find his way to the food.

As to the hiding and whining kitty - my guess is a stray kitty - wanting food and companionship, but confused about what's happened to him - being scared - but letting you know he wants food. It's like when strays have been on their own long enough to act feral - they start to get socialized, and will take a pet or two - but then hiss and swat. Just confused about what they're feeling.

Great news on Tom! Well - about it scabbing over. I had to giggle at his hind legs sticking out of the small carrier - sorry.
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I was thinking of leaving food for the other cat on my side - but then the chances of "my" cats getting it first are very likely. I feel so bad for him.

I would just go over there and set a trap - but not knowing those neighbors - probably not a good idea. Im just not the type to knock on doors - so it kind of makes this difficult for me.

I thought it was funny too actually. I was giong to just shut hte door and hope that he moved his legs into the cage - but the tail would have been an issue..... so Ill wait till I get a bigger one - at least he's not afraid of carriers.
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