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Dry paw pads

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Sooty's are the worst his front ones get quite dry, and ive noticed one of Flash's paws is starting to go the same way

Is there anything i can use to moisturise them?
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I answered a question about this a little while back - for a second I thought it was the same one.

Do your cats go outside? If so, thats how they're getting roughed up. Winter weather (and humidity inside) won't help much.

I don't know if there's anything safe to use on cats that would really soak into the pads. If there are actual splits in the skin you could probably rub a little antibiotic ointment into the cuts after washing the paws - but other than that instance I don't know.

And if your kitties are 100% indoor only, the underlying problem could be related to their litter box - possibly litter.
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na they are indoor only

but you might be onto something there, we had changed litter and sooty's paws seemed better but we gone back to regular one and its come back i never even considered it thanks ill get the other one tomorrow night when shopping
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What type of litter are you using? Maybe something similar to contact dermatitis is happening to something added to it - such as the fragrance.

I remember reading a thread on here, from around the time I joined, about someone having added too much baking soda to their litter box and it reacting with cat urine and causing "burns" on the cat's paws.

In filthy conditions cats and dogs can get urine burns on their feet from walking in their own waste - I've seen it on a few puppies feet many years ago in a petstore.
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