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Here's mine (home). It changes all the time and I have another one at work too. This gives me a good excuse to try remote linking. I just signed up at imagestation the other night.

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Someone sent me this but they didnt say anything so I have no idea who they are I think its dougbug??

Cute kitty!!!!!!

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Here's mine. Not the best work I've ever done in Photoshop, but I was really still a novice at this point.

Just a collage of my kitties, Trent & Ophelia.

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here is mine.
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Opps didn't work did it
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Here ya go blondiecat

Val, that's great.. lol.
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Hey Thanks
I don't know what I did wrong. I just love all of the Photoshop Zoey pics that you do and I love Kims pics too. They are great
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You're welcome and thanks
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Sweet! blondie cat
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I've only just changed mine so it went from this:

To this:

That's my scooter, Chloe in the first pic. If you look closely, you can even see the back of the late, great Honey Boy next to her.

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Mine changes every hour

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Here's mine that I had before. Loved the movie, and the horse.

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Sicy, are you a U2 fan? I thought I saw a U2 link on your desktop photo.

Now, I have a picture of my cats. Here's a copy of the picture.
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Uh, Kim, I don't suppose you'd be interested in giving directions to us other Mac users.....
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Originally posted by Deb25
Uh, Kim, I don't suppose you'd be interested in giving directions to us other Mac users.....
Oh yes! Mac Users - How to do a screen capture. Close out all of your windows, of course so that you have a clear view of your desktop. Then on your keyboard select Shift + Command + 4. Your cursor will turn into a cross hair (or plus sign.) Click and hold the button on your mouse, Drag the cross hair from the upper left corner down to the right (or vise versa) - unclick the mouse, you'll hear a camera shutter click noise...Look on your Hard drive and you will see a PICT file--it will probably say Picture.pict.

I usually convert the pict to a jpeg in Photoshop. Any photo editing program will do...

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Originally posted by bren.1
Sicy, are you a U2 fan? I thought I saw a U2 link on your desktop photo.
HUGE U2 fan That link is a link to the forum that I admin on
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I don't know how to post it
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Send it to me and I'll post it for ya!
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I really appreciate your offer...but I would like to know how since I'm sure this wont be the last time I will be trying to insert a image too large to attach with the browse button. How do I do it??
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You can two different things.
You can either resize the image to 400 x 400. It should be small enough to attach. If you don't have any programs that resize your photos, you can go to www.irfanview.com and download that program (it's free too!).

Or you can sign up with a remote linking site. I use www.imagestation.com . You can download photos there and by using the IMG button above the message, you can attach them. To get the code you are needed to put in the IMG box, you need to right click on the pic, then go to properties and copy & paste the code.

Hope that helps you! It can be tricky at first, but it's easy once you get the hang out it!
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Thanks for your help Shell

I like anime and manga. I changed the tint to purple because I love purple so much I change my desktop regularly...lol I guess we all do

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OK, yet another try...
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Sesselja it worked! What a beautiful baby.

Gothic Amethyst - you've almost got it. Go in and edit your post and remove the .orig.jpg at the very end of the web address where your picture is. It's a little thing that Image Station puts on there to make it a tad more difficult.
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I DID IT!!!!

Now watch out, I´ve learned how to post a photo!

Just one more question, I hope someone can answer me, because I REALLLLY want to learn this:
The photos some people post (like in Picture Picture) are bigger (inch-wice), how is that possible?

Oh, and thanx for the help, you guys!
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Usually the ones that are bigger are being remote linked from a site like Imagestation. If you attach a picture with the browse button, it can only be 400x400. If you use Imagestation, it can be a lot bigger.
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Oh, I thought by posting with Imagestation would have a link to a website where the actual photo would be.

So I have to learn that as well...is the Imagestation more complicated? This Irfan Wiew really isn´t once you know you just have to make the photo 400x400. I had tried many sizes, but never went that low, since the picture on my screen got so small, much smaller than it turned out now.
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to make a very long story short, we were in the process of recueing a doggie dixie from my hubbies work over a year ago. She was straving and weak. A few days before we were going to bring her home she went into sezures. We did everythign we could and then some, but the vets couldn't save her. He really really loved her. So to help him grieve he drew the "rainbow bridge."

(it has been our desktop sine her passing )
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That is so cool Val! Sorry to hear about Dixie!
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it kinda makes me feel better when I look at it. That way it is like I can see where they go.
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