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Daily Thread TGIF Oct 2nd!

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Morning folks!

Its supposed to be nice out today...seasonal though which is getting chilly. I am going out for lunch with another coworker who is off right now and then my cubemate. Should be yummy!

Not sure what we are doing tonight..I know Josh has alot of studying to do. Bleh!

That's it for now peeps..have a goood one!
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It's drizzly rain here so i'm pleased the gardener came yesterday.

I'll be leaving work in just over an hour, so i'll be chilling a Martini for later now that the weekends here
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Good Morning. I was up way too late last night and suffering for it now. Yesterday we hit a few stores for sales. I got $60 worth of stuff at Kmart for free. Babies R Us had a sale and we had 30% off and 15% off coupons. We essentially bought two jammies for the price of one. Then we hit the grocery store for formula with another $10 off. I am amazed at how well this month is going. I have saved over 70% with each shopping trip minus clothes.

Today I need a break. I did too much with the reorganizing the pantry and DS's room. It looks a bit dreary outside and it's quite chilly. I will miss the sun but I am loving the amazing clouds and changing of the leaves.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Michele: darn girl, you are a coupon-aholic. I think they have meetings for that

Morning folks:

Rainy, cruddy weekend here

Never fails..... Sparta is having a test n' tune day on Sunday that DH was gonna take the car to... Kendra is supposed to be on a bush weekend, which I doubt will happen (will know this afternoon as to whether its been cancelled or not) and its supposed to be raining all weekend

Not much planned.... I've gotta prepare my stew for the crockpot since I was unable to do it earlier in the week, which is good, makes it so supper is just ready rather than me having to cook

Have a good day.
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It's so foggy I can't see past my neighbours field this morning!

We have strange weather around here & fog is not overly unusual. One time we were driving home very late a few months after we moved into this house, and ended up down the other end of the road with out even noticing because it was so foggy . We had to turn around & come back very slowly to find the house! You couldn't see 5' in front of the car that night.

I have a LOAD of dishes to do since I couldn't get going on them yesterday and now there are just MORE. I so wish I had a dishwasher . Thankfully I'm feeling much better today.

Watching Grey's last night my littlest guy wedged his feet right against my diaphragm so I was panting like a dog for an hour until he woke up and moved!! He's a stubborn one all right . We're still talking names... nothing solid yet.
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Good afternoon all

weather is garbage here its that fine drizzly rain that makes you soaking wet
i nipped to the shops with my mam this morning, and she made me lunch.

flash is busy tearing about the sitting room and sooty is just watching her with a look on his face to say i really cant be bothered with that.

i dont think ive got much else planned for today might go to the pub tonight but might not though haha

have a nice day everyone
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We've got a bit of drizzly rain here this morning. It started while I was on my way in to work. It was light enough that I didn't even need my umbrella walking into the office, but I had to carry it with me anyway just in case the sky opened up while I was walking (it's about an 8-12 minute walk, depending on the parking lot). I looked at the radar and it's just a very thin, fast-moving front that should be gone after lunch time. The rest of the weekend is supposed to be clear and Fall-like.

Nothing exciting today. Work, gym, etc. Hope everyone has a good day.
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Good morning all! It is really cold this morning It is 63 right now but I'm sure it was much colder during the night..
I'm just headed to class and then I am not sure what I will do. I know it's Friday and all but I have so much schoolwork to catch up to so I may try really hard not to procrastinate and sit on my a$$ and do it, but then again I might end up not doing any even if I try to, the mood of a friday night doesn't allow for much self discipline..
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Howdy! Today is our 5th wedding anniversary! I woke up with a bad sinus headache.

DH had vacation all week, and his brother is also here on vacation. I took Thurs. and today off. We plan to watch war movies, and work on sewing my 18th century dress, etc. (we have a reenactment in 2 weeks, and I'm far behind with sewing). DH & I are going out to dinner later.
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Happy Anniversary! I woke up with a bad sinus headache too.

Ugly weather today. We're solid into fall weather now - low 40s at night. Low pressure system means Gary's head is going to be bad today (pain - BAD pain).

Have a few things to finish up for a couple of work projects (research/writing). Should be a quiet day. (Apart from Gary's potential screaming at times).
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Good Morning all!

It is kinda of chilly today, it will probably get to low 80s today at most. I have a class this morning, the second one is having a furlough day! I feel like crap though, my allergies are horrible, Im coughing, ichy throat, itchy nose, congested and achy. Coffee usually cures it but its not working this morning. Then I am going to the barn, hopefully I get done early there so I can take a short nap before my afternoon class. Then i work tonight from 6-12...not looking forward to that at all! Then I work tomorrow morning again! It never ends does it? I hope everyone has a great day!
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I am sooo happy it is Friday! It has been a long week due in part to taking the train to work for the first time. You know you have been in a routine for too long when you break out of it and you start using muscles (physical and mental) that haven't been used in quite a while.

Not sure what this weekend will be like. I am hoping my sister comes to visit. I also want to sleep. I think I am fighting a cold. But I will win!

So happy, it seems like I may get out of work early today also.
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Morning. Happy Anniversary MargeCat!

There are FLIES ALL OVER WORK! Dozens of them! Our office is the 2nd floor of the back half of a duplex, which has kinda been turned into 1 big house thing. Bosses live in the front half. Anyway, downstairs in the back, there are a million flies!! Mostly just hanging by the sliding door and windows. I put a binch out and swatted a bunch more and then gave up. They're apparently downstairs in the front house too. It's like the Amityville House!! I hope they get rid of them soon. It's gross.

In other news, WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!! I proposed the idea last night, since work is slow and we all have annual passes. It's only about a half hour away. I'm excited! I have my Mickey ears in the car. It's great weather, kids should be in school, yay! It'll only be my one boss and I b/c the other boss has a conference call today. It's ok though cos we won't have to feel bad about leaving him alone when we go on roller coasters.

Well that's it I suppose. Have a good Friday and a good weekend!!
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I'm working this evening. I have my cleaning girl coming over shortly.

Didn't get much sleep last night at all. I couldn't get comfortable and tossed and turned and read until after 5am!

Just sitting here browsing the forums and cuddling with Chynna
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Afternoon All!!!

Another cloudy wet day here, which in turn makes me very sleepy as well.. Not up to much today, finished up a couple of chores that needed to be done so now that they are out of the way I am thinking a nap might be order.
The kitties are good, all window watching right now.
Everyone have a great day
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