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Vets, kids, and doctors oh my...

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Had to take Tiny to the vet yesterday which meant me missing a day of work. Apparently Tuesday morning one of the kids stepped on her left back leg, and she had not been walking or eating since then. So I went to class yesterday but took the rest of the day off to take her to the vet. They say that its not broken just bruised and sore. They gave her a shot of prednisone and 7 days worth of prednisone pills. As soon as I got home with her (20-30 min drive) she was eating some. She is not hiding under the bed anymore, in fact, last night she slept all night in bed beside me. She is quite a bit nervous around the kids and tries not to come out of my room when they are up and about.

Thought we were gonna have to take my oldest to the hospital last night. A kid at the boys and girls club accidentally almost broke his finger. They were in the game room playing on the pool table, and my son had his hand around a pool ball on the table. The boy took a pool ball and rolled it really had into the ball my son was holding, and his finger was caught in the middle. It swelled and it hurt really bad but it was not broken and all is well now.

Taking my oldest to his eye surgeon today in Savannah for a follow up from his last surgery. Oh fun and joy.

And I missed the secret Santa sign up day here.
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Kids and critters! What a day you had. Reminds me of my daughter, if it isn't a sick dog in the truck on the way to the vet's, it's a sick goat! Hope the next 24 hours are a bit calmer for you!
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Sounds like an exciting day yesterday. I hope things go much better today
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