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Cat threw up

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Question: Im a new cat owner. I have a oci whos almost 1yr old. Shes been chronically sneezing for months (I have other threads on that subject). 2 days ago she started getting azithromycine (commonly called zithro) 0.5 ml at night. I gave that to her tonight and about 2 hrs later she threw up. I'm assuming the cause is the medicine?

Also about a day or 2 ago we think she ate 6 to 8 inchs of string from a teaser toy. Shes a chewer - the string was sort of ribon in texture but very tiny. She was eating normal before this - ate a good breakfast this morning.

Would watering down her medicine when in the dropper help dilute things? Is there anything I can do to help her?

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If you think she ate the string, and you haven't seen it in her poop in the litter box, it sounds like you need a very fast trip to the vet. Such an obstruction can be very serious, and may be the cause of the vomiting.

If the string partially appears, do NOT pull on it. Get her to the vet.
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Exactly what he said. Also, don't dilute the medicine. It will render it ineffective.
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i whole heartedly agree with mrblanche ive been in the situation of cats eating something they shouldnt and it not come out, id get cat to the vet very quickly rather than leaving it any longer, you can never be to careful
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How is she? Did you go to the vet to check for an obstruction? String is extremely dangerous for kitties.
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