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I'm Worried...

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My university has a TNR program, but on campus. Each cat they catch in the county area is released on campus to help with the pest problems in our old buildings. Also, another neat aspect is that every dormitory is given a cat that they feed and catch once a year to bring them to the Vet School for vaccines. At my old dorm we had a small one-eyed silver tabby without a name. We called her Keller Kitty, after the dorm she lived around. Every night at 6:00 she would come out to the bench outside and it would be the official "pet and play time" for about an hour. I would go outside and give her attention for a little bit.

Anyway, I was getting out of band rehearsal the other day and it was 6:00, so I decided to stop by my old dorm to see her. I discovered that they have not seen her since the first week in September. They've set out her favorite foods and everything.

Is it a lost hope? I don't know what would have killed her, since she lived right in the middle of campus. The cats rarely fight each other, and no stray dogs or other animals come on campus. Would she have just run off? Other feral cats I've been around return eventually, but they were normally gone two weeks tops. She's so sweet, maybe someone stole her...

Any tips on attracting back a feral cat if she's been driven away for some reason?
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A fantastic TNR programme you do have on your campus, with cooperation with the County and the local Veterinary school. Right?
If you have additional description, please do descript it more. The idea is worth a bigger spreading.
Which college is it? Is there a description on somewhere??

Many campuses seems to have a homeless problem. I suspect a substantial part of it is students keeping pets, but when their study period is over, many do release and leave / dump their cats when they move to next place, if they cant take the cat to their next apartment.
An extra bonus with your programme is; as every dormitory is in charge of own cat, there is no need for having own pets. Unless somebody REALLY do want to have own pet. In this case, this REALLY wanting person hopefully will keep on this his own cat at all costs.

What happened with Keller.
She could get spontan adopted. Especielly as it is fully possible she had her afternoon food with the Keller Dormitory, but. she may have had her morning food with someone else...

A evil villain may have taken here. Did other cats also disappeared or had peculiar damages??

She can have been closed in somewhere. Perhaps a cellar or such.... A search party doesnt always helps if it is a shy cat...

Her time may have been out. It is not unusual even seemingly healthy home cats do die in minutes...

Lets hope for the best.

Tx for caring and good luck!
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Aww.... no tips, I'm sorry. It's often hard enough to find pet kitties that escaped outside. That's the really sad part of caring for ferals - sometimes you just never know what happened. Sometimes they come back after weeks or months - other times they're just gone. Even pet kitties die suddenly of things like a heart attack or stroke.

I think it's great there's a TNR program on your campus!

little Keller kitty will return safe and healthy!
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I am SO GLAD that our campus does this. It's Auburn University in Alabama, and it is in association with the school of veterinary medicine located off campus.

I haven't had time to check and see if she has returned.

She was so sweet and had a personality that was really unlike a feral's, so she may have been stolen, which is unfortunate to the dorm, since we all loved her.

I guess all I can do is wait and pray. If she does not show up by December, the Vet School said they would have to place another TNR cat there.
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