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I'm submitting these comments as food for thought, nothing more. At the risk of being ostrazised for life from TCS, let me first say that I am not a vet and this does not constitute veterinarian advice. What I'm about to write represent my own personal observations only.

I used to raise and show collies for over 15 years and on the advice of an older and very experienced breeder, I was able to save over 3 litters of collie puppies from distemper and various other viruses by tube feeding them mega doses of powered Vitamin C tablets. We used 100-500 mg dissolved in water every few hours and feed until their tolerance was at diarrhea level and we kept it at such a level until we had normal temperatures and other symptoms under control. I've also been amazed at the prevalence of bottle feeding over tube feeding for cats, especially in emergency situations. When it is vital to get nourishment into a sick animal, tube feeding has no equal. Yes, I know that vets warn about the dangers of getting the tube into the lungs instead of the stomach and perhaps this may be easier to do with cats vs. dogs. I don't know. However, and I can only speak for myself, I never had a problem and the breeder in question, who became my mentor, actually produced a video of her 5 year old daughter tube feeding a litter of collie puppies for weeks without incident.

Per Dr. Cathcart's website, "This article should be of great interest to those who think that the effects of megascorbic treatments are all psychological. It works well in animals. If you love your dog or cat, you should read this. Warning, the vets will not listen to these facts any more than most MDs."