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Gus's Obsession

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A couple of months ago a new toy made it's way into our home. It is a stuffed caterpillar (the one from the Eric Carle book) 10 or 12 inches long with a bell inside. Gus claimed this caterpillar immediately by grabbing it off the table and running off with his ears back. It was meant for my cousin's new baby. Well, he was NOT giving it up. He ran around and every time anyone came near him and his caterpillar he would growl. He's so bad when this toy comes out that we won't let him have it unless he's being supervised. I'm afraid a cat fight could happen if anyone dare try to take the caterpillar away.

But, we let him play with his caterpillar a few times a week and every time he sees it it's the same excitement. He picks it up, shakes it around and takes off with his ears back. Every few minutes he'll run through the room, ears still back, caterpillar hanging from his mouth.
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You'd better get your cousins a new caterpillar, that book is SO cute!
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Where do you buy this caterpillar???
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You can get it with some copies of the book. I think it's the anniversary edition.
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They are available on Amazon too.
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OMG! That just sounds so adorable! How cute....
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