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can anyone help and give me some advice i have a 6 month kitten and she was bubbly and went to everyone now she acts scared ears down and hides behind the sofa or chair and even in her cat box. she even puts her head down and runs when ever u go near her she does it to me and to my husband and we dont know what to do its been like this for a few days now please help as i want her back to her bubbly ways
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Is she eating and using the litter box ok? Could someone have accidentally stepped on her or tripped over her? Could she have gotten in to something that gave her a tummy ache?
It sounds like she is not be feeling well. A vet visit may be in order.
Please keep us posted on her, and welcome both of you to the board.
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Hi Ginag -
Did something happen? Anything different at all? New furniture? Visitors? Vet visit? Food change? Litter Change?
Did anything at all change??
Please add any details you can think of.... If nothing has changed, please take your cat to the vet - she might be sick, and a vet visit is in order... Changes in behavior like that are not normal and usually signal an illness.

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yer shes using her litter and eating like normal just her behaviour has changed and no one has done anything to her she did get out so i am thinking that it may have happened outside as she was fine
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nothing in the house has changed and everything is still the same for her litter and food i got her to sit on my lap last nite and she was fine and went to sleep. Sowwwi to be a pain also does anyone know how to keep kittens off kitchen counters
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Originally Posted by ginag79 View Post
also does anyone know how to keep kittens off kitchen counters
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So glad to hear your kitten is feeling better. The best thing I can tell you to do is get a product called Scatttttt. I think that is how it is spelled. It is an aerosol can that you set on the counter. When your cat jumps up, it automatically sprays a stream of air. The sound of this scares the cat and they avoid the area. I used it once and my Beeba never tried to get on the cupboard again. He also likes to chew on artificial plants (don't ask me why). Used it once and he stays away from them too. There are all sorts of deterrants out there. From putting tin foil on the cupboard to two sided tape. I think the ultimate is the spray. It is harmless, but it works. It isn't cheap, I think I paid about 30.00 for it. But it is well worth it. No cats on the cupboard! PS I find it covers about a 5-8 foot area. Adequate for a countertop.
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There's a lot of threads about how to keep cats off counters! Here's a good one that's pretty comprehensive in terms of solutions:

Get OFF my counters!!!!!!!!!!!!
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stiill the same today thought things mite have changedwith her been on my lap but not will keep everyone up to date with what happens
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