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HELP! my cats tearing his hair outt

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i have 3 cats, and one of them which is a male about just over a year old keeps getting these phases of just scratching and picking at him self, he's at the point now where he's actually down to bare skin in spots mostly around his butt, underside and his legs and it is oozing and some scares have appeared on the skin, the spots are very tender when touched and seems to make him very uncomfortable. this is i think the 3rd time this has happened each time it happenes the vet gives him a revolution(not sure exactly what it is but i think it's for fleas?) but it seems to work for a while and his hair comes back right now it just doesn't seem like he has fleas because none of my other 2 cats ever get this.
any help or ways to help him with the pain he's having would be apprciated he does have an appointment on saturday at the vet...
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Sounds like fleas to me. I am not familiar with Revolution. I use Advantage and it needs to be reapplied every month. Mark your calendar when each application is due. Even indoor cats can get fleas. Do your cats go out? You can be pretty sure they are picking up fleas if they go outside. Some cats are very sensitive to flea bites, skin breaking out, hair loss etc. Some cats you don't see anything. Talk to your vet and ask him to show you how to apply a topical flea treatment. Here's to more comfort for your little fur guy!
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I agree, your kitty has a flea allergy, and will need the Revolution every month, for life. I wonder why your vet didn't explain that to you?

Revolution is a "spot on" flea killer. It goes on the back of the neck once a month. It kills any adult fleas that jump on him, and it also kills the eggs, so it breaks the life cycle of the flea.

He needs to be on it every 30 days, without fail, to keep the benefits going. You can buy it from your vet in packs of six, and you should get a free seventh tube, when you do. This is a manufacturer's promotion, not a vet promotion. All the flea treatment brands....Advantage, Frontline and Revolution run this buy six get one free promotion.

One warning. Never ever use any over the counter flea treatments on your cat. (Harts, Sargents, etc, such as what you would find in walmart or other store) they don't work, and they are not safe. They have been known to kill cats.

Welcome to the forum, and please let us know how your boy is doing!

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