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"Jen pop-up"

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Does anybody else keep getting the disgusting pop-up from "Jen", who has a webcam and will let you have a peek at girls masturbating? I keep getting it when I visit this site. It has been popping up more frequently lately, so I just disabled all pop-ups.
Can anybody explain why I keep getting this thing when I'm on this site? It doesn't appear any other time.
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I get pop ups all the time. Most of them want me to refinance my mortgage, which if they knew how lousy my credit rating is, they would run screaming in the other direction!
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I don't get that one, but I get one about freezing interest rates, and one from "Micarosoft" wanting to sell me a new computer... and one for enlarging certain non-existant parts of my body.
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thansk for turning off the pop ups. it was a pain to try and log in here and then have to turn off all the popups. I think I averaged three each time I came in here, but it never stopped me!
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I bought the program Add & Subtract the ads that gets rid of all pop-ups. Now, I just have to deal with the spam email coming through trying to sell me penile implants or asking me if my breasts are large enough. The most annoying one lately is some banned CD that keeps coming across my email box. They are getting cleverer with their subject lines as well. The creeps!
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You can clear out your cache and cookies, but you'll get it back again and you'll lose a lot of settings you may want to keep. You'd think, since they can program the pop-ups, they could program against them, but those pop-up eliminators cause a lot of problems. *sigh* I work in software and can't see why they can't QA their darned products very well.
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That should have read "disable" - I've been living abroad too long. That particular pop-up really irks me, because it appears half off my screen, and I can't manage to drag it onto the screen and click it off. I've had to turn off my power supply to get rid of it. My firewall (Outpost - freeware from Agnitum) allows me to disable pop-ups without getting rid of my cookies. The problem is, all pop-ups aren't allowed then, and since I buy most pet supplies online, I miss special offers that are advertised in pop-ups if they're disabled. It's a no-win situation. And I really know next to nothing about hardware, software, etc.. The firewall is really necessary: my PC was invaded by a virus a few years back that destroyed my entire hard disk. I had backed everything up, but discovered to my horror that a lot of data was backed up on defective diskettes. Now I have one PC for stuff connected with work (no Internet access), and a notebook for surfing. Last month Jamie puked up a hairball while I was online, directly on the notebook, and my keyboard shortcircuited. I had to send the notebook to Ireland for repairs. Computers and the Internet are great, but they certainly manage to complicate your life!
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My goodness, Tricia, it sounds terribly disturbing and disgusting!

i prevent pop ups from appearing with the help of AOL screening feature. Could you activate the screening function?

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I am always getting popups and junk emails saying I need to enlarge my penis and they want me to try their drug.....OOOOOOK..helloooooo...puuulllleeezzz..spare me ...
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I am getting a lot of popup,some even telling me I can stop popup be buying their softwear!
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I really like Meaya Software's Popup Killer, and Zero Popup, which I'm using now
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i don't get any pop up from this site.
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Awww Yuck! It sounds extremely disturbing!

I don't get any problems when I'm visiting here. And not really any where else, I get the odd one though and My computer is pretty fast so I just click and get rid of it.

Hope everyone's comps. are ok!

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I haven't had a problem with pop-ups on this site-noxious or otherwise. I use AdsGone popup stopper and it works really well.
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Thankfully, this site does not give me pop ups.
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Originally posted by Tybalt
Yes, I don't know how many times pop-ups have tried to persuade me that larger breasts would add confidence to my posture. I'm still looking...
LOL, Tybalt! I get the junk emails offering to enlarge my penis! Maybe we should switch computers.

BTW, I have never gotten any pop-ups while visiting here. I don't use any anti-pop-up software either.
post #17 of 27 that I think about it Ive never gotten any pop-ups here..except from another member's site. As for the rest of the web world..I've been lucky The only nasty stuff I get is in my mail which I can luckily delete without having to see it. What reaaaaly makes me mad about this spam and pop-up stuff is kids see it...I know there is so much sex and stuff on TV now...but pop-ups give no warning and dont care who sees least with TV you know the worst is on late at night and you can leave TV off. Im so glad I dont have kids yet...It's had enough to block this stuff so I dont have to see it!!
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Originally posted by Tybalt
Yes, I don't know how many times pop-ups have tried to persuade me that larger breasts would add confidence to my posture. I'm still looking...
I keep getting the "enlarge your penis" pop up. I even get spam from that one in my work email! Uuuggggghhhhhhhhh!!
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I want to make one thing clear - has never served any pop-ups, never does and never will!!! I hate pop-ups as much as you and I would never ever have them on my site!!! The only pop-up window here is on the main page and it tells people about the newsletter. If you have cookies enabled, you will only see that one once every 3-4 months.

My thoughts as to where you may be getting the pop-ups from when you visit the site:
1. They may be coming from the site you came from. Many sites have what they call "exit pop-ups" so when you leave them and move on to another site you get a pop-up.
2. A more sinister option is one of the zoola type applications. They're a type of spyware that installs itself on your pc and then serves you ads. They're very nasty - they can actually see that you visit a certain site with banners and replace the banners on the site when you view them! It's really upsetting for webmasters - they are parasites living on someone else's traffic
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I, too, get that disgusting Jen and her webcam. When you click the "Start" icon to the left of the computer, check the menu and hold your mouse on the up or down arrow. You may be surprised to see a "LIVE GIRLS" icon or "VIZIT US." Make sure you delete these from your computer. I regularly click on Windows Explorer, the Cookies file, and delete all cookies. You'll find the cookies folder under Windows. Click on Windows, then "cookies" and all cookies will appear to the right of your screen. Highlight one cookie file with the mouse, select all, and all will appear colored, then click on delete. Check the Temp folders as well and delete all cookies there or extra content.

I still feel that the popups are geared to specific sites or they may even get your IP number and be able to target your computer. That's why I routinely delete all cookies, to make it more difficult for these annoying ads.

You can also do a search for LIVE GIRLS, WEBCAM, VIZIT US, etc.. to find out if any of these files are hidden in your computer.
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I have never gotten a single pop up when coming to this site either.

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Lately when I have been coming to TCS in my Favorites the site has been adding itself and it ONLY happens when I come here.. Mum doesn't want me visiting this site because of that

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Sam, are you using Windows? Go in and delete all of your cookies and see if that helps. Go into your Control Panel, click the Internet Options (or Network and Internet Connections, then Internet Options). On the General Tab, there is a section called "Temporary Internet Files, and a button Delete Cookies. Click that. Actually, use those buttons to delete all of the temporary internet files. You will have to re-enter some log-in information at some sites, but if it gets rid of that junk then it's worth it.
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Thank you Heidi. The site hasn't added itself today!
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One thing everyone can do is download the "spyware search and destroy" program. it's a free program that can be downloaded from downloads or downloads.

Since I have been using that to clean my computer I get a lot less to almost none of the filthy e-mails. I have Internet Securties that blocks Pop-ups so I hardly ever get one. Cleaning the cookies cache and the temp files is also a good way to get rid of those pesky boogers.
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Do any of you get popups that come with XP? The gray ones that say stop pop ups?
I know these are annoying - a messageboard that hubby goes to posted this:

Disabling Popup Messenger Service in Windows XP

Recently a tool has become available that makes it very easy to send SPAM and other messages directly to some Windows computer in the form of a "Messenger Service" Pop-up message.

Disabling this service in no way changes the functioning of MSN Instant Messenger.

To disable it in Windows XP:

1) Click on the "Start" button.
2) Right-Click on "My Computer"
3) Choose "Manage" from the menu that appears.
4) In the left column Highlight "Services and Applications"
5) In the right column Double-Click on "Services".
6) Double-Click on the service called "Messenger".
7) Click the "Stop" button to stop the service.
8) Change the "Startup Type:" to "Manual"
9) Click "Apply".
10) Click "OK".
11) Close "Computer Management"
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I can't stand pop-ups. Its one of the reasons why I run my business site on Pair Networks. Pair does not allow pop-ups.

Email is another story. Its seems like every day another young girl turns 18 and wants me to check out her webcam.

The only humor I find in nasty email ads is that I get the ones for breast enlargement and my wife gets the ones for penile enlargement.

Seriously though, some ISPs now have blocking options on the incoming email. Pair networks has a filter where you can automatically reject email coming from certain ip addresses.
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