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nibbling, keep me up at night!

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My kitten has a thing for nibbling me all over my face...lips, nose, cheeks, and even under my chin! He goes crazy when I dont let him..meows up a storm. Why does he do that?

Usually he'll do it for a bit and give up after I dont let him but last night he kept me up all night and I thought maybe hes trying to tell me hes hungry or he wants out of the room but nope...he would just follow me and try to keep getting me
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Congrats... in his eyes you're the momma cat. He's simply grooming his mother to show affection.

If you can play with him before bed for a while that will use some of his energy. Then when he comes up to love on you tuck him beside you and try to get him to settle down and sleep.

I have a cat that sleeps with his head tucked under my chin. The routine is that he comes up, cuddles, kneads, and licks on me a bit then falls asleep. He's done this since he was 10 weeks old.
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yeah i figured it was something like that because he also searches my hair! lol
he's been sleeping alot lately because he just got his first shots, maybe last night he started feeling better. I tried to get him to go to sleep even tucked under my chin and he just wouldnt! lol he was so determined to groom me
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Aww. He should calm down some as he gets older.
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LOL! My 3 year old neutered male tabby, Joey, has recently started this face nibbling at nite
He then snuggles up and purrs REALLY LOUD for a few minutes and then goes to sleep. He has always been a bit independent, but has gotten very snuggly at bedtime and won't let the other 2 cats sleep with me. I am his
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Hehe my 15 year old cuddles, nuzzles my throat, drools all over me and licks the corners of my mouth and eyelids every time I go lie down.
She's done it since she was a baby.
Thankfully she leaves after about 15 minutes.
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blah! oh my god, I hope he grows out of it...kind of. He just wakes me up in the middle of the night and wants to nibble! And he will not give up I have to lay there for minutes trying to calm him down.
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