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Goopy Eye

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Mango has had a goopy eye for about a week now. It's just his left eye, it will goop over so he can't open it over-night, but all he needs is a little saline and he can open it again. However, Mango has NO signs of being sick at all, neither to pink or peaches.

The kittens do have fleas again . Everyone is due for another flea treatment in about a week. I've gone back to bathing the kittens daily. Mango had half a dozen on him last night! Pink and Peaches had none . He's got at least 2 on him right now again.

I'm going to move them out of the guest room but I have NO idea where else in the house to put them!! As it is Kayla is driving me CRAZY running back and forth from our room to the kittens all night to check on them :S. She's so silly!!

Any idea why his eye is gooping so badly?

Otherwise the kittens are doing GREAT! I went in to get them for his bath last night and Mango was no-where to be found. Thankfully he's noisy and it only took me about 30 seconds to find him on the other side of the room - apparently I need to re-enforce the kitty-kennel door .
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When my kitten got a goopy eye, my vet gave me Terramycin creme in a tube. The eye cleared right up. Keep a watch of the others eyes. I think they can pass it to others.
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It's been a week and it's only him & only that one eye.

I had forgotten we have polysporin for eyes in the house somewhere, I need to go dig it out! (duh!!) Thanks .

I forgot to add that his eye isn't really "goopy" it's more of a dry goop, does that make sense at all? During the day I only wipe his eye once or twice & that is enough.

I was just having a good look at him & through some new photos - I think he has either a lazy eye or is cross eyed... I wonder if this has something to do with it? Or he just can't focus properly yet and so he's going cross eyed trying to look at me .
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How is Mango doing?
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Thanks for asking .

He was doing REALLY good yesterday where I didn't have to clean it at all yesterday morning and then I did it just before bed. I got up in the middle of the night (because Tasha was being crazy!!) and it was gooped over again & again this morning .

It seems to help allot when I give him his bath & wash his eye too. Right now it looks great. I've been unable to find my polysporin drops though (I loose EVERYTHING!!! ) I'm going to have to go buy some - I'm SURE that will clear it up for good .
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Mango is doing better. I loose everything too! I read your kitties bio's and I had to laugh at how Miss Kitty got her name. My mother went to high school with Amanda Blake aka Miss Kitty of Gunsmoke. Small world. Her real name is Berney Neil. I think its Berney. Must have been short for something!
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Yeah!! No one every understands what I'm talking about when I try to explain her name!! It started because we were just calling her "hey kitty, kitty" when she adopted us & then I got to know her personality. She's one tough cat, but she's also sitting on my keyboard trying to get lovin' RIGHT now .
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