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Making the move

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Since I had my little mid life crisis things have turned around considerably. Last month I was able to move my mother to a bigger home. Primarily this was because I know I'm going to have to stay for a year, and I simply had to have more room. my computer equipment etc was too much for my tiny room.

we moved in last week and since my mother hasn't been bothered so much by the cats i convinced her to let them roam around a little.

Wilbur LOVES nosing around, while Tinker sits in the window sill and is quite content.

Here's wilbur doing his 'thing'

And Tinker who's happy as a clam
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Aww, they look so content! Nice kitchen too!
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hehe bless them both
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They are so cute!! How did Wilbur get so high up??
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I'm so glad things are working out well for you and your furbabies. Has your mom decided she's not really allergic to cats, or just built up some resistance to your two?
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It's so wonderful to hear everything worked out for you, and your cats!!!! They look so content and happy
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Hey, JT!!! Glad to see you are in more comfortable surroundings.. A win/win all the way round.
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It's good to hear (and see) that things are looking up for all of you, JT.
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Thanks everyone. I'm so relieved the pressure is off. Took a lot of work and faith but thankfully it worked out and everyone is happy now.

My kitties still love each other too. this is from 10 minutes ago
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I DO believe that kitties KNOW! They may have their little scrapes and things, but they know what FAMILY is. ALL is GONNA be O.K.!!! think it is already-see?
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man they had a rough week.

When I first started moving things, they got very upset. I think it's because the last time I did this they were taken away to the rescue group (which was a horrible place where Wilbur and tinker both got very sick and were in danger of dying). So they probably associate the activity to negative stuff.

When I put them in their carriers and into the truck they cried all the way over. I've had both of them in carriers before and they never cry. but they were so upset.

when we got here, i put them in the room and opened the carriers. to my surprise they immediately jumped out. tinker was very skittish withher tail quivering but they were put at ease a little because before i brought them i had already moved my stuff into the room. so they had lots of familiar stuff. especially their blanket (which they're sleeping on in the above pic) that they've slept on since they were born.

it only took about a half a day to get them acclamated. I was amazed. tinker was already playing and wilbur was climbing on me to lay in my arms and be petted. he only does this when he's completely at ease.

the next day i left the door open and let them roam around the place. they spent a few hours sniffing everything but otherwise did really well.

Day after that they were comfortable enough to play fetch in the living room. This place has a HUGE open area from the kitchen to the front door so they can get a pretty good run going

Now they're back to normal and seem very happy!
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this gives you an idea how far it is from the back door to the front door

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Really nice new place, and it's so heartwarming to see two happy cats loving their space. I'm glad things are looking up for you.
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Thank you. It sure feels good to be back on track. that crud went on for nearly a year.

This is funny. wilbur doesn't like to sit on the window sill that much, but he loves sitting like a person leaning on a fence lol

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I am so glad to hear that you are doing better, you've been through too much for such a nice person.

The kitties are diggin their new home! I hope your mom can learn to live with them, hehe. She will, cats grow on people.

This is all such wonderful news!
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So glad that things have turned around for you and are looking way up!! The house is gorgeous! I wish I could find something like that here that I could afford. Renting a house here, even a small one is very expensive

Your kitties are looking so healthy and happy!

Love the one of Wilbur leaning on the "fence", LOL
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