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Where do you shop for pet food to save money?

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I have done a search, and it seems no one has asked this question before.......

I am just curious to find out where you get food for your cats. Is cost a major concern for the most of you? I feed my cats Nutro Max, which I assume one of the good brands I can find at a pet store. So far, the best price I can find is at Pet Supplies Plus. I also recently join its frequent buyer program. Regarding online store, though the price for food is quite good, the cost for S/H just does not make sense to me....

Anyone wanna share???
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I shop at Petco, and use their PALS card. They scan the card every time you make a purchase; PALS card holders get discounts all the time on things throughout the store.

But the best benefit is, once you've purchased 10 bags of the same brand/size pet food, they send you a coupon in the mail for a free bag! Since I use the 20 lb Nutro bags, this coupon is worth more than $25 to me! We usually end up with 2-3 free bags a year, so that's a pretty good deal.

I also have a problem with the S/H costs of online pet food. My biggest gripe is I am literally 10 miles away from's office. I asked if I could go and pick it up, they said no, they don't offer that. It doesn't make sense to pay $8 shipping for something I could bring home in the trunk for a dollar's worth of gasoline.
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I feed my cats 4 different types of "premium" dry food....I have to get them at a feed store in town.
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I make a weekly trip to petsmart for my cats food, I used to feed my kittens nutro wet and dry but they had horrible gas and I switched to Authority kitten formula,wet and dry, for the kittens and my adults get Authority Adult. They seem to be doing well on it, I wanted to try the Chicken soup for the cat lovers soul but no one in my area carries it. Has anyone tried it on theirs?
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i normally go to petsmart or when petco is running a speical with free shipping I order off line. To me it is sometimes worth alittle extra money to save the hassle of driving 40 minutes to petsmart.
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I usually go to Petco too, just because it is convenient-right next to my grocery store. I just have one little girl, so she doesn't eat much, thus cost is not a big concern. I do like the variety I can get at Petco. I have had my girl since mid-April and we have probably tried just about every combination possible and I think we have arrived at a happy medium. Science Diet seems pretty healthy and tasty all the way around, but she does get 1 packet a week of the bad "Whiskas" brand. She just loves it so much, figure one packet a week won't hurt her.
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We feel [ Captivating Cattery] that pet food is a important thing in a pets life, so we don't go scimpy our animals get only the best

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Also, we just buy ours from the local pet store it's not the cheapest but it's close to us and we feed, Canin, Iams, Eukonuba, Whiskas Advance, Nutro & Nutriance
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if i can find a innova somewhere close to me thats selling it cheaper then anywhere else i will definately go there, but since innova is hard to find, especially it being an american brand, i have to buy it from Pets Paradise as they are the only ones who stock it! and for those of you who don't know, pets paradise are WAYY overpriced!! luckily though, since i always by my catfood there the lady gives me a little bit of a discount!
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There's a pet store a few towns over, with very little variety and high prices, and one in Stuttgart near where I work, with a good variety and very high prices. I buy virtually all JC's food and litter online. Generally, I don't pay S&H if I order more than รขโ€šยฌ30 worth of food, which is no problem, since I stock up for a few months. I buy from 3 or 4 different suppliers, and they are great about letting me know when something is on sale. I also get tips on German forums. At the moment I've been stocking up. I have about 180 cans of JC's favorites, and about 12 lbs. of kibble in "Jamie's cabinet" down the cellar. So if my plane crashes in August, my husband won't have to worry about getting cat food right away! I still have to order more litter, though.
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Hi there!

i buy Wellness and Solid Gold from B&B Pet Supplies, a local store.

i buy Fancy Feast can food from Target.

i buy Nutros and Cat Max - both dry and wet, from Pet Express. i buy in bulk whenever i get their 20% discount coupons. Also, i buy my litter from there now. Every three world'sbestcatlitter i buy, i get one for free.

They eat treats sent from mom -- they really love them!

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Sometimes sends me 20% off coupons and then I will occassionally order canned food thru them which, with the 20% off, ends up being a little cheaper than buying from the store.
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I buy from the feed store near my house. I also clip "paw points" from my litter to get canned food. I keep my eye open for bargains and will shop Petco if they have the two for one sale. I like the discount food stores and 99cent stores too for the canned food too but only brands I know.
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I don't know if anyone knows of this kind of cat food, but I feed my cats Acana. I was told by my vet, my pet store lady ((her name is lisa *giggles*)) and by the caretakers at the Humaine Society, that it's the best kind I gan get. It's also fairly resonable in price. A 4 KG bag for just under 20$... not bad if you ask me.
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I'm not going to vote in the poll because I did use to care about saving money on food, but now my baby girl only gets the Science Diet KD because of CRF, which is expensive, but if that's what she needs that's what she gets.
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My mil who i love dearly (no i really do! lol) said "whatever you do donn't start feeding that $$$$$ food because thats all they'll want...umm ok i'm feeding Royal Canin Baby Kitten but isnn't that the point? I mean its better then Kitten Chow and other store boufht foods and my kitty desreves the best. Really.. I go to a local pet food store and they match prices with Petcetera.
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I buy the Science Diet lean cat food for my two. I get it at Petco or Petsmart for like 32.00 for a 20lb bag. I also have my PALS card there too, so that helps with discounts off cat supplies and stuff. We actually went a couple days ago and bought 70.00 worth of stuff for the cats like interactive toys, food, mouse toys,ect. and we were laughing about it later because we also went to the grocery store and only bought about 40.00 of food for ourselfs. Can you tell who runs our house?

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For better or worse, we feed our Kinky (we didn't name him and he answers to it!) Waltham S/O, a prescription diet, due to a urinary block last fall. It's quite expensive, but better than more high vet bills and a very sick kitty! His coat and weight have NEVER been better since he started it!

We shop PetSmart, 'cause it's a LOT cheaper than buying from the vet (& Petco) and they carry the big bags (17.6 lbs), which saves extra money and extra trips to the store. I didn't know about the PALS card giving you a free bag...I wonder if that's true for prescription foods?? Even if we could order it online, the shipping negates any savings, as others have mentioned.

Any other ideas on saving money for prescription foods or how long they need to stay on it? The vet says forever, though he's nearly 9 years old and had his only bout with FLUTD at age 8 after being on the same diet his entire adult life. I think it was caused by extenuating circumstances -- we were out of town for two weeks, which I think stressed him out, no matter how much he likes his caretakers! Not sure it's worth the risk, but he doesn't love the food...
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I had no idea you could buy prescription foods at a pet store!

I've been buying low allergen food at the vet's for a couple years. Does Petsmart keep prescription food on the regular shelves? or do you have to ask for it?

I would love to find a good source for cheaper prescription food.
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I shop at PetValu and Gobal pet food store for my cat food. I will never shop at any grocery store for cat food, they have terrible food for cats. At my pet store, they pretty cheap prices for cat food. I get a discount at the gobal pet store because I voulnteer at the shelter. It is pretty cheap prices.
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I shop at Pet's Mart and only buy Nutro Dry food in 4 different kinds and mix them together . The Commissary also has Nutro , but they want to much money and only have the small bags .I only buy there if I really need to .
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Some pet stores have an onsite vet and so you get the prescription food there.
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We ran out of cat food the other night after Petco had closed, and broke down and bought a bag of Purina One, the best the supermarket had to offer.

What followed was 24 hours of intermittent barfing. (From 15 cats, that is a LOT of barf!) Not to mention the increased use of the litter boxes....

They were back on Nutro in the AM as soon as Petco reopened.
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Mom of 10 Cats , I had to do that one's . I know the barfing part yes and litter box to . Now I make sure I always have more food left befor I need to go and buy . I don't want to go through that again .
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Yes, we've said the same thing. Yeccch, that was terrible. The cats have to remind us earlier than 11 PM that they need more food!
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