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Low phosphorus wet food

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Hello - I am looking for some low phosphorus holistic wet cat food. I have two cats age 13. Blood work was done on Mynie and I believe she is having kidney problems. She grew up eating dry food for the first 12 years of her life, I have gradually incorporated wet food into her diet (along with the other cat too). I just adopted these cats last year, so their diet before they came to me was out of my hands. Anyhow - I am currently feeding them Wellness wet food (chicken, chicken & herring & turkey) and I leave out California Natural dry food for them to snack on throughout the day. Is Wellness a low phosphorus food? Any other healthy wet foods that you can recommend? Mynie currently has a Creatinine level of 2.3 and her BUN level is 34. A little on the high side. Is their current diet ok, or should I try something new? I tried looking at all of the charts, but they confuse me! I am just looking for someone who has been in this situation to list some low phosphorus examples of wet food. Thanks!
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IMHO One read the sticky crf thread in the health forum.. lots of experience and different way s of handling .... Two get rid of dry food... most wet foods are low enough at this stage just avoid heavy fish and check labels and call companies... In the crf thread is likely a link to a site that has all the info on many popular foods but you still have to call in this day of change the recipe yrly or every six months
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The best food is what your cat is willing to eat.

I believe that it is the chicken grain free wellness cans that are fairly low in phosphorus.

Also fancy feast minced beef is low and felidae chicken and rice canned foods.

Milo has CRF and he will not eat any of the prescription wet foods. No way So, I just try find the lower phosphorus ones and give him those.

above are two sites with the phosphorus levels of canned food. hope it helps
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second link is awesome.. thank you for both...

for CRF most agree keep the phos under .7 some keep it under .5 from the second chart .. wellness chicken IS HIGH NOT low..Wellness Chicken \t44.36 \t1.00 \t0.40 \t42.52.. actually IMHO high for even a cat with some UTI issues let alone CRF
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So it looks like I should try Wysong or Innova Lite (I am assuming that is Innova low fat?). Anyone ever try these two before? Natural life has been on the recall list and I don't even want to touch Science Diet.
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do not avoid a food due to recall... WHY ? because most are far safer than the non recalled counterparts do to improved safety...

why low fat? for most cat s weight maintence is an issue in CRF and higher fat is needed...

I have used reg innova but current cats do not like and it is far to grainy for me... wysongs all meats have been a hit for me alot over the yrs ( innova and wellness make 95% meats
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Innova Lite according to one of the lists is the lowest phosphorus wet foods if you can't do prescription. So that is why the Lite.
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