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Welcoming "soon to be named"

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After we lost Scully, Autumn has not been the same. She was always closer to him than the other three who had grown up together and while they made a little effort to include her (mostly Bumper for a change) she just wouldnt stop searching for Scully. She spent the last week walking around crying and looking in the most random places for him.

So we decided that a new friend might distract her and also give her someone younger to play with.

For once, there actually wasnt a cat in the shelter that I had that 'I need him/her' feeling - usually I have a few I would take home in a heartbeat. So on Monday some cute 4 month old kittens came in and one reminded me so much of Autumn that I thought she is the one. Went home to sleep on it and the next morning when snuggling with her brother changed my mind and wanted him.

Then our transport volunteer showed up after picking up animals from the vets. "Chutney" was on his back in the carrier, paws as far out the door as he could - I immediately scooped him up to have my face licked and knew he was the one. I tried him with some of the shelter cats and not even a hiss. Someone at the vets had taken him home but it didnt work out with her dog so I knew he must be special if they loved him at the vets so I called Matt (he is away on business) and he said bring him home.

He had to go back to the vet from the shelter as he pulled out a neuter suture so I finally brought him home last night.

Intros are going well, Boomer just loves him and they are together causing trouble. Autumn seems scared of him but I think its the ecollar - I tried taking it off but he went straight for him backend again so its staying on for another day or so. Bumper and Magnum are hissing at him but when he jumps on them they arent doing anything about it and he was grooming both Magnum and Autumn (Magnum hissing at the floor and Autumn rolled up in a ball )

He is 7-9 months old, orange tabby and white

These were taken at the shelter, I will take some of him when we take the ecollar off
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awww hes adorable
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Love that orange baby!
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Ooohhhh!!! He's gorgeous and he has a really, really sweet face!!! Gotta get some meat on those bones, too!!
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Oh, I am so sorry about your beloved Scully. I didn't know!

Kudos to you for taking in this sweet orange boy. He's a cutie.
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He is so beautiful. He looks like he has really soft fur also. Congrats! I can't wait to see more pics of him in his own element.
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Aww hes so cute..reminds me of my kitty Gimpy from when I was growing up!
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what a doll. did you name him yet?
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I think that Scully picked him out special!
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No naming him seems to be an issue for us, we have lots of names that we kinda like but not enough to name him

Huge paws
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He reminds me a lot of a lovely orange fellow who owns a friend of ours. His name is Roscoe -- don't know if that resonates with you...

He really is a lovely boy.
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When Sadie died, Dexter was really depressed...
Isis saved us both.

I'd call your new family member...Handsome.

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Whatever name you choose, he's one handsome boy. He looks like such a sweetie.
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We like Roscoe, definitely in the maybe list
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What a handsome boy!
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View My Video A video of him playing
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How about Thumper, with those big bunny feet.
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Too much like Bumper
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He is so cute .... he had me laughing at the end of that video where he keeps holding onto all of the toys He looks like a Steven to me.
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Or Winston
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Eithne that is one gorgeous hunka orange kitty you got there! Watching the video, which is hilarious, he's a lot fluffier than I thought he was based on the first pics you posted.

But when I was watching the video, for some reason I kept thinking of Clark Gable and Rhett Butler. Maybe Gable or Rhett?
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Oh man.. in the still pics he just oozes sweetness! Is he that much of a sweetie pie? gotta look at the video! I like Roscoe too.

ETA: He's adorable in the video! How old is he? He's a classic tabby and a fluffy boy, too!
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Oh my goodness! He is such a handsome boy. I love how he hugs the toys to him at the end. What a kind face he has. How about Francis, after St. Francis of Assisi? He was known as the gentle giant--which reminds me of your new boy.
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Wow, he is one handsome, FUN boy!!! I can imagine him jumping on the other kiitties grooming them

I can really see him being a Roscoe.
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He is 7 - 9 months old (different ages from the two vets who seen him not that it matters much) and he really is that sweet, you can hug him forever. He is a little upset at the kitties not taking to him as best buddies right away, he tries to groom them, then when they hiss he runs and hides in the cat tree

He also likes water and jumped right into the shower this morning and got soaking wet, although he didnt like being dried much.
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That video of him playing is so heartwarming. He looks so happy. I love his white paws. They're like mitts!

I think Roscoe is a good name for him. It will be interesting to see how the relationships between him and the others develop.
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Oh is he ever one GORGEOUS baby doll! WHAT a lover! So cute and playful - and for kitty friendly, he sounds just like Billy who totally did not understand why all our cats thought he was an alien!

Any names seeming to "take?"

Give that boy a hug from me! He is one very lucky fellow.

How is Autumn doing?
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See, I told you that Scully picked him out personally! I like the name of Roscoe too.
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OMG! I love the orange and white boys!
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