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I'm Baaaaaack!!!!

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Hey everyone. My modem crashed Thursday, so I have been w/o net service til' today. Not only that, I have yet to get my new glasses, so I can't hardly read posts right now anyway. Oh, getting old is a bitch! I mean, whats up w/ this? I turn 35 next Sunday and now my warranty is running out. LOL. I haven't eaten in 2 days because my tongue is swollen and turning white (I have a Dr's appt. tomorrow, so don't worry) and my throat hurts and I'm dizzy! Yikes!

I can't help but laugh at it though. And Socrates and Tiger have both been VERY attentive these last few days. I love how they know somethings wrong. Its so cute!

Well, take care everyone. I've missed everyone. I hope everyone is doing well.
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I was worried about your vanishing like that. Was getting ready to send out the cyber-posse to find you! Welcome back
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there you are!

hope your luck turns around

let us know what the Dr. says
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Meow Man; Being SICK is a B I T C H !!!! But extra "Kitty Love" is W O N D E R F U L !!!!

I was afraid your monitor had finally burned up or that Steven Spielbergh had called and you had packed up and hit the trail

So glad you are still with us and I hope the Dr. can cure the ills.

Thanks for standng by me of late; I will catch up with you on your screenplay. Love ya, and Socrates and Tiger too

Darlene and her =^.".^='s
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Hey, I'm glad you're back! But what's all this about a swollen tongue along with other assorted aches and pains? Please let us know about the doctor's diagnosis. Between your physician and your cats, you're sure to be well again soon!

Take care, please.

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We sure did miss you and your brood. Hope everything is okay. Feel free to give me a call at work tonight on the toll-free line. Would love to hear from you!

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Thats the prognosis, even though the doc couldn't say for sure. Ironicly, I felt better AND my tongue wasn't swelling as much as soon as I got the prescription and saw the price: $106! How rediculous.
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Okay...I have to say the thing that probably everyone is thinking...LOL.....exactly where has your tounge been to get yeast infection???? :laughing:

Sorry guys....I could NOT resist that one!!!

We did miss you, I was thinking about starting a thread about Where is Chuck!! Glad you are back....sorry if I offended anyone by my coment...but I know you all were thinking it....:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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Debbie, the thought did cross my mind.... :laughing:
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Originally posted by MeowMan
I'm Baaaaaak!!!!
O thank God !!!

you have been sincerely missed, lovely.

how are you feeling now, any better ?

and Debby !

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Hi Meowman - glad to hear you have identified the problem with your tongue. I had that once when I was in college. Pretty gross.

I have to take exception with you saying you're getting old. You're not even 35! I'm turning 33 this year. Does that mean I'm getting old too? Sigh.. I don't feel older. I did actually get carded the other day though - made my day.

Hope you feel better soon!

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Oh my did I miss this thread!!
I am glad they found out what was going on. I had a friend who had a swollen tongue of was his own fault as he got it pierced LOL.
Hopefully you are all better and ready for some fun when we all come to see you in Sept!!
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There we don't have to worry about it. I was trying to be as vague as possible. LOL.
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Ummmmmmm....vague is good!!!
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Debby, how about clearing your above post as I did my other one above. ???. Oh brother, our minds are so in the gutter.
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Did it!!! Thanks for the tip! I hope your yeast infection clears up....that must be awful to have it on your tounge, never heard of such a thing.
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Well, I guess I'll just have to choose my restaurants more carefully next time. LOL! But, they serve great food and I've dined there before w/o incadent. I guess that I should point out that the Doc couldn't say if the diagnosis was 100% correct. There was some thought to it being an alergic reaction to the bo-tox injections I had a month ago.

OK, OK, Im stopping. OMG, Im cracking myself up!
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This morn I was awakened by excruciating pain in my bowels as if I had to go, but couldn't. AND the white sores on my tongue are also on my inner jaw walls and when I brushed my teeth I spit blood. SO, in my medical opinion, this is NOT a yeast infection. WAHOO! But, somehow, I wish it was, because that would be easier to deal with it seems.

Im going to the Dr. again today, so if you don't hear from me for a few days, it means I'm in the hospital. I just wanted to let everyone here know. Gosh, getting old is a bitch!
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Oh my gosh, Chuck,,,,I hope you will be okay!! Please let us know!! Good luck! Hopefully it is something not too serious that can be cleared up soon!
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Holy Cow, Chuck! This doesn't sound good! Please keep us updated.
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I've got some form of infection that cannot be identified and the doc gave me some more medicine and I was. fortunately, able to have a bowel movement. I'm already feeling better.

We'll see how the next few days go.
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Geez, what's going on? I suppose you wish you knew! Good grief, man, I hope the medical people can figure this out pronto. I'm sorry to hear you're suffering from this odd malady. I know your cats are probably helping with their own brand of therapy! Please let us know how you're doing.

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Hey, Chuck!

What's the latest with the strange tongue condition?
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Well Joe & Deb, it is some kind of infection, though after making a second visit to the doc last Wed. (and actually getting to see MY Doc as apposed to the crackpot idiot that couldn't tell me squat on Tue. because my doc was overloaded w/ patients) he couldn't diagnose the type of infection. Though he did point out that it wasn't a yeast infection (which is totally embarrassing because I had already called my lady friends and pointed a finger or two, though it was playful ribbing and one of them had driven me to the doc on Wed. and was sitting right there w/ me "So it's NOT a yeast infection, eh? Well, your birthday is this weekend and I'm guessing your not going to be getting anything extra special NOW, Mr. It's-Your-Fault-I'm-Sick"). He gave me some anti-biotics that he wanted me to take for 4 days and some liquid stuff to swish in my mouth 3 times a day and now I am feeling MUCH better. I had actually thought that I was going to end up in the hospital Wed. When I left for the doc's office I kissed the boys bye as if I might not have seen them for a few days. I still have a lil' bit of it, but it is clearing up, thank goodness.

So, thats everything thats new about my condition. I'm out of the woods, but still in the grassy fields surrounding it, so to speak.
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Well, Chuck, that's good to hear. Now I can finally start laughing about the Who's to Blame game? I am picturing this scene in my head and laughing my ass off. Hope you continue to be on the mend.

Don't crackpot doctors suck?
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Chuck, I'm very glad to hear your mysterious malady is abating thanks to your physician's treatment. Regarding your lady friends, well, have fun wriggling out of that mess!

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Chuck....glad to hear you are feeling better!!! I also think it is funny that those poor women got blamed...but then had every right to wonder!

I hope your birthday is still good anyway!!!
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Yeah, Chuck. I'm sure you'll have a blast curling up with a good book or something. Well, as you said, the warranty's running out anyway. You never know what might malfunction next. These girls might be doing you a favor!
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