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Daily Thread Thurs Oct 1st

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OMG, It's October.

I am super tired this morning, we have an early morning dentist appointment. I am a little nervous because my teeth are very sensitive so now its not as fun as it used to be going to the dentist.

Not much else going on to work after that...then probably a nap tonight. So tired!

Have a good one peeps!
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good morning all

its quite nice here today blue sky

im feeling a bit off today, im not slleping good enough, the contractor is back out to finish the bathroom and is using a circular saw its very loud

i think i may go cuddle the kitties and get a couple hours sleep

have a good day everyone
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Originally Posted by -_aj_- View Post
the contractor is back out to finish the bathroom and is using a circular saw its very loud
I hate having work done in the house for that reason as well Fortunately i've got the conservatory to put them in and that's bad enough

A gorgeous autumn day here

Housework when i get in after lunch, and just ordered the kids a lovely faux fur dog bed for christmas, but i'll let them have it when it comes because they'll have other presents
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Tis cold today.... I am hoping we'll see double digits later.

I am off to physio shortly, and then its a couch day....snuggled in a blankie with movies and my laptop. I'm catching DD and DH's cold

I might stop at Walmart and pick up some more snake bins..... I want to do a massive clean this weekend before we shut off the outside taps.

That's bout it here....tired, and need coffee. (Grabbing coffee as I go to physio)

Have good day folks.
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Morning! I finally have time to post. I have been cleaning odds/ends in the wee hours then chasing after DS. He loves to roll and roll now. I have been hitting stores for cheap/free stuff. I already had one store manager following me around b/c I am in there so much.

I still have the cough and going for a chest xray tonight hopefully. I think the antibiotics are finally working cause I am only coughing first thing in the morning and late at night.

We had to buy DS new clothes the other night. His pants weren't fitting and it's too cold for shorts. I then had to wash and sort yesterday. He is quite comfy today in his new outfit.

The kitties have been going nuts for outside. We just haven't had time to go out with them. They are enjoying the windows being open though.

I'm just waiting for DS to take his morning nap so I can get my day started. Lots of coupon clipping for next week's sales.
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Goooood Morning all!!!

A little chilly here in Alabama this morning. In the 70's. Burrrr!!!

Getting ready to take my son to the park and let him run around. Shopping to do today... and we will hopefully hear from our loan officer about when we can officially close on our house! We're tired of living in a hotel and I know my son is sick of this.

As soon as we open the door to the room he cries.

Yeap, time for a house with room to run.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Good morning a chilly maine day here mid 50s. Still waiting for them to get my new septic system in and loamed and seeded before it gets to cold for the grass to grow! They haven't shown up today grrrrrr. My brothers here installing a new low flow toilet for us..Watching my granddaughter this morning. We are going to make a batch of brownies. Nothing like having a 2 year old help make brownies!
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Morning All!!!

Chilly, damp and dreary here today. Feeling a bit better then I was I guess. Hard to tell when your muscles are aching from the weather.

Nothing much planned for today, just putter around the house I guess. Have a few chores I need to done that I have been putting off.

Need to start getting some of my winter cloths out as well.

The kitties are all napping right now, they have the right idea.

Everyone have a great day
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I'll see everyone's cold temps and raise you howling wind, driving rain and MUD....or maybe it is just thick dirty water. This WOULD have to start now, and harvest isn't finished. My canola is probably gonna sprout in the swaths and the durum in the heads of the stuff left standing. I am also gonna have a battle for the tractor seat this morning because I now have two cats that do tractor rides - Streak decided that the running tractor wasn't going to kill him and that it was the lesser of two evils, the worse evil being rain. You could see the wheels turning in his kitty brain: tractor door opened, in he hopped along with Fatso, I turned the key, and he didnt move nor did he move when I removed Fatso from the seat. He did think about exiting when the bucket went up, but held tight. Tractor backed up, and he stuck a paw out the window, then decided the moving tractor was a whole lot dryer than was a walk to the barn in rain. Great...he is gonna be addicted soon!!LOL
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Good Morning! I am pretty tired myself, yesterday I jumped both horses...and because it was chilly Joe was crazy so i spent a good hour on that horse trying to get him to slow down...he never did Then I almost fell asleep in my afternoon and night classes I didnt get done with school until 9pm. I think my allergies are flaring, becuase last night my nose drove me insane! And this morning my throat is a bit swollen...and I kind of lost my voice, plus I am all achey. Oh and my left knee is killing me, a little swollen from riding both horses yesterday and having to ride Joe forever. I swear I am going to need knee replacements when im 30!! My cup of coffee is like heaven right now! One class today then to the barn. And then later my cousin and I are going to the 3$ movie theatre to see The Ugly Truth!! I hope everyone has a great day!
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Made a huge & very yummy dinner last night, then a dozen dozen cookies (Yes, 4 x 3 dozen!!) cookies for hubby to help him quit smoking. So I have some kitchen cleaning to do...

Other then that I have to start on the layout for my garden to make sure I can fit everything in and then order my seeds! .

At some point I also need to get my garbage outside!! But Lucas woke up late so I'm not sure he's going to go down for his nap on time :S.
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It is a beautiful day and I have it off. I am still probably just going to lay around and wait for my loads of laundry to wash and dry. I hope I can get some of it put away before my shoulder gives out. We are sick of living off the top of the dryer and out of the baskets.
My house is still a train wreck, maybe one day I will get caught up. 60 hours a week working and NO help around the house does not make it easy.
Fall is fast approaching and I am thrilled. Open windows, no a/c or heat on for the past 3 days. Kitties have loved having the windows and doors open. They still stay in their favorite places right in the bushes by the house, but being able to jump through a window just makes them so happy. Silly things!
Have a good day everyone!
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Morning. Happy October everyone!

BF is in the air on his way home from Miami right now. Yay!! I miss him. Genever will be happy to see him too.

I put our real soft beech sheets on the bed 2 nights ago, and it's way too comfy and was so hard to get up this morning. Plus I didn't sleep too well, Genever was going crazy playing and running around and jumping on/off me/the bed... and of course the everlasting scratching in the litterbox, or rather ON the litterbox walls... ugh. Oh well. Gotta love her. Anyway, I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee and it's helping a bit. Hopheads meeting tonight (every Thursday), going to a new place called The Wine Bar, but they apparently have a good beer selection too. We shall see.

Have a good day everyone, stay warm and cozy!
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Good morning all!! The day is beautiful and it's my favorite month of the year!!!! I'm so excited ..
I am feeling much better and almost recovered from that awful cold, and next week is Fall Break so I am in a great mood. I am already done with classes for the day and my day will pretty much be all about getting caught up with school reading because mid terms are coming up right after fall break..I can't wait to be back to normal with no sneezing at all so I can get back to running.
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It was below 0 this morning when I came into lab, but the high is 14C, so hopefully we'll get there --- too soon for below 0! I had to wear a toque!!!
Not too much going on today, in Lab all day, class from 2-3:30, then home. Making a steak for dinner which will be delicious, and looking forward to watching Bones!
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