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My Cat the Lawnmower - is it safe or an early sign of illness?

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Hi everyone,

I searched under grass and SO many things came up, after the 4th page I just decided to post my question.

I have three kitties, all indoor (yet with special lawn privileges). I sit outside with them for 30-60 minutes several times a week while they explore and enjoy the little area outside our apartment.

I've been doing this with them since they were young kittens, they are almost 2 years old now. Within the last 6-8 months, I've noticed our boy Tipsy has become quite the lawn mower. He gets out and goes for the grass and chomps down on it. That is his main interest, morning or night. The other two explore and so does he. But, he's mainly interested in the grass. He's never thrown it up.

One of my neighbors mentioned that his cat had stomach cancer and he ate a lot of grass.

I hate taking Tipsy to the vet because he is super sensitive to vaccinations and medications and vet visits have always followed with emergency room visits and more vet visits. He also gets rodent ulcers from stress.

Any of you have healthy cats who like to eat the grass??? And YES, after reading the previous threads, I will be buying some cat grass or seeds for cat grass. Any wisdom is appreciated.

And here's a cute picture of our Tipsy Boy
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My Scooter loves to eat grass and he is healthy as a horse.
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Most cats will graze sometimes. Most of the barn cats will chew on hay in winter, and alfalfa seems to be a favourite. Magpie will pick bits of hay and grass off my pants and shoes when I come THAT is aberrant behaviour.
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What a sassy kitty

Squeaky and I sit out on the balcony several times a week, and most of her time is spent nomming my plants. She has her own wheat grass and cat nip plants out there, but also enjoys eating my lettuce, parlsey, cilantro and swiss chard Hasn't gotten sick yet, and she's been eating them all summer.
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Cats are descendants of the wild cats. It is quite common for them to eat grass. Some of them do it when their tummy is upset and then they vomit and feel better. Others just eat grass because they like the smell, the taste and the feel of it.

I have several who eat grass. I often pluck a handful of long grasses from our fields (which are pestiicide free) and throw it into the cat enclosure. Most of the cats go nuts for it because it is good fiber for them. I also have bales of hay inside the enclosure and they often go for the loose strands on the side. I can't say I have ever taken the cats who eat grass to the vet though unless they show other signs of being sickly.
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YAY! This is great news everyone. My fear has been alleviated somewhat. Tipsy isn't a lawnmower, he is simply a GRAZER. And most likely a healthy one. I am glad to hear it is something he most LIKELY enjoys instead of being driven to eat it out of discomfort or illness.

For some reason it is still hard for me to believe entirely, those worries really can linger. But, I will be rational about it and buy him some cat grass.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR RESPONSES!! These forums have really provided so much support for me and my family. Thank you to all you regulars who stay on here and help us out!!
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Oh! Tipsy Boy is such a cutie!!!!!
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My son's cat devours cat grass. She will eat it all in one sitting. She tried to eat the Dianthus plants I brought home from Home Depot before I could plant them. And one of her favorite treats is corn husks (green soft ones!) She is a healthy 5 year old.
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My boy Gus is addicted to grass Since he is an inside boy, We pick grass for him. If we don't he tries to sneak, all he does outside is eat grass
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yes many cats like to eat grass and are perfectly healthy...

as for the issues with the vet prehaps you should look into a vet making a house call
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My two cats are indoor cats but are allowed in the enclosed back yard. The first thing they go for is the grass. They love it even though once in a while they throw it up. I don't worry one bit. I actually think it is great!!!

Here is a pictorial for growing cat grass. I think I am going to try it this winter b/c we have long cold snowy winters here.
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All of our recent cats have loved the grass. Either outdoors or grown in a pot. Sometimes I do think they use it like pepto to move things along if they've got a slightly upset tummy.

We had one cat who was a total cheese fiend. And would always go running outside to munch after we gave her a bit of her favorite treat, cheddar.
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