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What sort of kitty litter -- so confused!

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I've been doing some research into what sort of cat litter I should use when I bring home my first new kitten next week -- and I'm so confused from all of the conflicting opinions!

Some people say that clumping litter is the best like Worlds Best Cat Litter, it's so easy to clean each day with the little shovels. But then other people say to stay far away from litter that clumbs and just use pelleted litter like Yesterday's News for kittens.

What should I use? What's a good brand that's safe for kittens, and if so when should I transition the kitten into an adult/different litter? Are clumping litters safe for them?

Suggestions and opinions please!
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That will depend on what the kitty will use. When bringing home a new cat - always get the same kind of litter they were using if at all possible!

Some people use clay, which can be dusty. Some people use corn or wheat based litter. Some use pelleted litter. It will depend on what you & kitty like best.
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These are sort of the top ones I've found. I love the idea of clumping litters, it makes things so much simpler and easier to keep on top of. But I don't want to use it if it's not safe for my kitten.
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I'm liking the looks of this one: Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Cat Litter. Doesn't seem too expensive either~

Sorry, I realize I'm just sort of prattling on to myself in this thread. ^^;
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The big concern over clay litter with kittens is if they eat it - it can clump up in their digestive tracts.

Do you have a kitty already picked out? If so can you find out what litter s/he is using?
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I don't have a kitten picked out, no. I'm going to go to my shelter next week some time and pick one out. I'm not sure what kind of litter the shelter uses but I'll ask when I go.

Does transitioning cat litter work like transitioning to new food? Like over the course of a week just start to gradually mix them together and phase out the old one?

If I decide to go with one litter for kittens, how old should I wait for the kitten to be until I can change them to a different litter (preferably clumping)?
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I usually switch kittens to clumping around 8 weeks. Everyone's opinion will differ. Right now I have 2 foster kittens living together - one is 5 weeks & 1 is 6 weeks. They will stay on non-scoopable clay litter for 3 more weeks. Once I switch them to scoopable, I monitor closely to ensure they aren't eating it. And normally a week's transition is fine - your kitty will guide you.

And as an adoption counselor (OK - I'm many things ) at the shelter - consider a young adult kitty or pair as first time kitties. If you want someone declawed - do not declaw (see Rule #3) - adopt an already declawed cat. If you definitely go for a kitten, get a pair. They keep each other company & in my experience are *far* less destructive. Sorry to get off topic, unasked for advice there.
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I love Nature's Miracle. It's 100% natural, so it's safe if your kitty ingests it. It's *flushable*. It clumps pretty good and does a decent job at odor control.

Down side is, it is a little pricey. But I only change it out completely once every 4 to 6 weeks.
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