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Mike Tyson...again?

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Just read this on Yahoo News. This guy must have something wrong with his brain! It sounds to me like he's mentally ill and needs to be put away in an Institution, so he will not be around the public. Something needs to be done about this man, but until he does something major (killing someone or raping another woman) he will be out in the society. Here's the article:
Mike Tyson arrested after Brawl in NY
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Shell, the link isn't working. Just in case you're wondering why you aren't getting replies.
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The link didn't work for me either.
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Hmmm..I still can't get it to work for me, so I'll post what the article says instead. Sorry about that!

Mike Tyson Arrested in New York Brawl

By CHAKA FERGUSON, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK - Mike Tyson was released from a Brooklyn police precinct Saturday afternoon, hours after his arrest on assault charges following a brawl with two men outside a hotel.
The former heavyweight champion, who was charged with assault and disorderly conduct, walked silently past reporters standing outside the 84th Precinct in a driving rain. Fans of the boxer shouted "Mike! Mike!" as he was led out by police.
Tyson was released without an arraignment and was due back in court at an unspecified later date, said a spokesman for Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes.
He was arrested after a 5:30 a.m. fight with two Reading, Pa., men outside a hotel, police said. All three were guests at the hotel.
According to police, Samuel Velez, 31, and Nestor Alvarez, 24, were with a woman outside the hotel when the fight began. One of the men used a metal pole grabbed from the lobby against Tyson, who was treated for minor cuts to his hands. He had his right hand bandaged when he left the police station.
A source close to the investigation said the two men started the fight with Tyson, adding that the boxer feared the men would hit him with the pole.
"They did instigate it," the source told The Associated Press. "They were harassing him, saying things to him. But Tyson was the one who threw the first punch."

Velez and Alvarez were charged with disorderly conduct. One of the men and their female companion were treated for minor injuries at Bellevue Hospital, police said. Tyson was not taken to the hospital.
Shelly Finkel, adviser to the 36-year-old Brooklyn-born boxer, did not know any of the details of the confrontation.
"I don't know anything except what I heard this morning," Finkel said. "I'm in the process of trying to find out."
Finkel said he spoke to Tyson on Tuesday, and the boxer said he planned to travel to Phoenix.
Tyson, with a long history of legal trouble, was convicted of rape in 1992 and was sentenced to six years in prison. He served three years before being released on parole.
In a Fox television interview last month, Tyson said he was so angry about the conviction he wanted to rape his accuser, former beauty pageant contestant Desiree Washington, and her mother.
In 1997, he bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear during a bout. Tyson's Nevada boxing license was suspended for a year, and he was fined $3 million. In 1999, he was released from a Maryland jail after serving 3 1/2 months for assaulting the two motorists.
Last year, he threw a punch at Lennox Lewis' bodyguard at a news conference announcing a fight between the two, setting off a brawl between Tyson and Lewis.
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I read that, and it did say that he wasnt the one who started the fight. They did have an object that they hit him with so....I know the guy is a nutcase but it doesnt justify attacking him just to see if he will go off, because he will.
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I agree to a certain point. He did throw the first punch, so it is partially his fault. The others shouldn't have harassed him, but Mike should have the strength to back away when things like this happen. I would have thought he would have learned his lesson by now, but it's apparent that his brain doesn't work like the rest of us.
He's quite the opposite of the saying "Brains over Brawn".
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Isn't Mike Tyson that Boxer?
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Yup Sam, Tyson is the boxer, who also got a "maori" tattoo on his face - even though it doesnt look maori at all.
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Far be it from me, to defend Tyson but, don't you suppose that some people deliberately provoke him, knowing that he has no self control and when he blows, they can then sue him and get a hefty settlement?

Personally, I think somebody should just shoot the u.p.s. and put the world out of it's misery. Its too bad that he hasn't committed all of his felonies, in the same state - maybe the "three-strikes" law would kick in and take him off of the streets, permanently.
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Hi Kellye. Thanks for that

Of course DAVID TUA!! is the man!

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Oh yes David Tua! Wasnt his nickname The Terminator?
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I think so. He's a Kiwi so I go for him

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I heard about the story in the news. However it was interesting to notice that they neglected to mention who started the brawl until I read the paper delivered into my Inbox.

Though on a side note, it doesn't show self control for Tyson. I still can't fathom why he was allowed in the boxing ring again.
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Quote: Though on a side note, it doesn't show self control for Tyson. I still can't fathom why he was allowed in the boxing ring again.

One word: MONEY. A Tyson fight generates huge amounts of money for promoters, the venue and the boxing commission.
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It boggles my mind how anyone would want to challenge him. Knowing his reputation, his temper and his lack of self control. He is like a powder keg ready to blow
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As disgusting as I find Tyson, I must say that everyone has the right to defend themselves. I heard in one report, that one of the provokers reached into his jacket like he was reaching for a gun, then Tyson popped him. If that is actually the case, then he had the right to prevent himself from what he though was a life threatening attack. The report said that the security cameras caught the whole incident. What kind of drunken idiots would provoke a fight with Mike Tyson, anyway?! They deserve to get punched in the mouth! I would like to punch the idiots, for making the rest of us have to listen to the media yammering about Tyson again.
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