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The boys found a friend

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So I woke up this morning to all of the boys sticking their heads through the blinds of their respective windows. Figured it was just a busy morning for the birds so I opened the blinds for them. But low and behold there's a cat sitting on the balcony of the next building, eye to eye with my windows.

I've been living here for almost a year and haven't seen one cat. So of course I'm the concerned cat lady and immediately go out there. I call her and she comes running, rubbing all over me and rolling on her back. She's an adorable snowshoe pastel calico. Looks to be about a year. So I brought her down some food (which she demolished). I couldn't see a spay scar on her tummy (though it was hard to tell through the fur) and I'm assuming she isn't spayed. The way she was carrying on she may be coming into heat, which would explain my boys extreme interest. Knocked on some doors but nobody knew "nothing about no cat".

Well, if she's still there in a couple of hours I'll probably just load her up in the car and take her up to the clinic, . I'll get her spayed sometime this week and look for her owners while she's there. If there's no luck hopefully she'll be able to stay at the clinic until I can get her adopted (though we already have 5 adults and 5 kittens we're trying to adopt out...oops). She's as sweet as she can be and very pretty.

I'm using the excuse that I don't want her to bother my boys...but really I just don't want that pretty girl to get hurt or pregnant, !

I'll keep you updated!
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Awww, isn't it cute when they find outdoor friends through the window? Bless you for being willing to take her in and get her spayed. She probably did belong to someone at some time because even feral cats in heat don't come around for pettings. They may be long gone now. Is there some place you can keep her for now where she will be safe and away from toms? (ie, garage, basement, etc.) away from your other cats until you can take her up or find her home if they are still around?

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
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You go girl!
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Any updates on the kitty? Did you find her owners?
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