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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, September 30th!

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Good morning folks! I'm struggling again with near total Question Of The Day mental block....third week running....

I guess I'll replay one of our past QOTH questions, since Secret Santa is upon's always good to know....

What is your favorite kind of Chocolate? Dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate? Do you prefer it plain, or with stuff like nuts or fruits in it? Or would you rather have it in things, like cakes, cookies, pies or drinks?

I prefer plain milk very first Secret Santa here, gave me some European milk chocolate (with kitties on the package) that was the sweetest, most creamy and smooth chocolate I've ever tasted. If it were possible, I'd never eat any other chocolate.....Yummmmm! Dove milk chocolate promises are my second choice. I can't even tolerate Nestle or Hershey, because their chocolate tastes so chalky and bitter. Once in a while, I'll find Dove milk chocolate promises with almonds, and they are good for a change. And once in a rare while, I'll get some Ghirardelli chocolate. They have some new flavors out in their milk chocolate line, and at Christmas, they have some pretty good seasonal flavors. I it possible to be a chocolate snob?
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I prefer milk to dark, but I will give just about any chocolate a try.

Nothing like a Lindt milk chocolate truffle.
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I'm a bit of a chocolate snob

I like Dark chocolate. I really don't each milk chocolate anymore. My favorite are Godiva dark chocolate truffles I don't mind nuts too bad, but don't like coconut, fruit, or any flavored chocolate.
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I'm a chocolate addict, I like em all as long as they aren't cheap chocolates
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this is a drooling Question....

Dark Chocolate my favourite,...
But I love too the filled with rice!...
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great question for SS time.

No dark chocolate here.

I like milk chocolate, or white choco. Chocolate with caramel is my all time favorite.... Lindt milk choco is also good. Chocolate with rice crisps in it is yummy.... um, thanx.... now I have a choco craving
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I love anything milk or white chocolate. I'm not picky!
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im not a big chocolate eater but when i do have it i love mil chocolate or a little bit of pink chocolate but thats getting quite hard to get hold of nowadays

i love chocolate rasins though amazing little things them
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I prefer milk chocolate to dark, but I do like dark (DH likes it more, so it tends to go missing if I have it around ). I love chocolate almonds and chocolate hazelnuts.
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Ah...chocolate. I found that I really enjoy dark chocolate, and caramel-filled ones. [Oh my, the Guiridelli caramel squares are divine]. I guess I can be a little of a chocoholic, depending on my mood.

Odd taste/habit I have. I absolutely LOVE the taste of semi-sweet chocolate chips. I don't know why, but sometimes I'll open the bag and grab a small handfull and eat them.
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Just so you know, I HATE you for asking this question!!! I can't watch a single ad for Aero bars with out getting massive cravings right now & we don't have ANYTHING in the house because hubby is quiting smoking . I may have to call him & get him to leave work early so he can bring me a chocolate bar now...

My favourite is either milk chocolate with mint, or milk chocolate with orange. Oh those terry's chocolate oranges are evil incarnate! It's such a good thing they are so expensive or I'd be a million pounds, I can literally sit & eat an entire one like an orange...

Omg, I need a towel

I CAN'T believe I forgot Hazelnuts!! mmmm I love hazelnuts... Hubby always gets me Ferro Roche (I'm sure I butchered that spelling) for birthdays/christmas/valentines/he did something bad/etc.
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I love all chocolate but dark chocolate. I don't discriminate which way it comes,
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One of my most favorite things in the world is almond bark made with white chocolate, and for a real tasty treat I sometimes use chopped hazelnuts and pecans as well....
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I love all chocolate!!! Especially Ghiradelli!!! We went to Ghiradelli Square in San Fran. and ohhh my the chocolate they let me wsa heavenly!! Later that day I snuck in for another piece!!
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I prefere milk chocolate. I'll usually like it plain, but I don't object too much to some nuts or the like in it. I fell in love with some of the Lindt chocolate while I was in Switzerland and I was delighted to find that I could buy it in the states. My favorite is the double milk chocolate. It's milk chocolate, but it has a milky white center as well.
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As long as it's good quality chocolate, I like both dark and milk, although I have a strong preference for dark -- the darker the better. White chocolate isn't really chocolate anyway, and is usually far too sweet. I like chocolate coated things -- raisins and other dried fruit in particular, and while I like nuts, I prefer not to find them in my chocolate. My favourite things are plain chocolate or truffles, and the very best, to my mind, come from here.
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Milk chocolate, either Galaxy or Cadbury
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I enjoy some chocolate here and there.

Chocolate milk
Milky Way bars
Caramello bars & Rollos (love chocolate and caramel combo!)
Chocolate & PB
Nestle Crunch
dark chocolate is good too!

I don't consider myself a chocolate snob, at all and definitely don't get those cravings. My boyfriend on the other hand isn't picky...he'll eat almost any chocolate w/out nuts though.
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I'm a HUGE chocolate fan. I would never eat chips or lollies again (yuck) if I could eat chocolate every day!

My favourites are lindt, cadbury and I love nestle!

I hate cheap chocolate (cheap easter egg chocolate, ugggh)
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I could swim in chocolate!! I love all chocolate except white. Dark is my favorite. Lindt, Ghiradelli, Godiva, Ethel M....yummmm. I'll pass on Hershey's it's waxy and grainy...bleh!
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I LOVE milk chocolate!!! Lindt is awesome!

I also love chocolate covered cherries, and the speciality milk or dark chocolte bars with chunks of dried raspberry or cherry in them- soo good!
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I forgot to answer the part of the question that asked if it was possible to be a chocolate snob. ABSOLUTELY! I am one, and I make no apologies.
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