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Daily Thread HUMP day Sept 30th!

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Wow, last day of September....bye bye summer, hello chilliness

I just got my SS name and I'm not telling I am excited though, my person seems pretty easy to buy for

We are going to a comedy club tonight. I won 10 tickets to it so Josh is bringing his school peeps. Should be fun...oh except we have a 7:30am dentist appointment tomorrow..should be tired after that!

Anyhoo, you all have a good one!
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good afternoon guys and gals

its freezing cold here in sunny england haha its grey over cast windy just crappy really

im making a list of things i want to get for my SS ill be sure to check it twice hahahahaha

ive actually got the worken in today to sort my bathroom woohoo and the roofer has also been out so i feel spoilt haha, and sooty the big scardy cat is hiding behind the cooker because he is scared of people poor lil mite is petrified
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I really really don't like the fall changes, or should I say, my body doesn't like em. It's pretty, all the fall colours, but the low pressure system we've been getting is playing havoc on me.

It's cool and damp again today.

I've got my SS name too, and am formulating some plans It is gonna be great fun and I'm quite happy with who I got

Not much happening today, thankfully no appts because I am not moving too well today

I do have to get supper in the crock pot within a couple hours. Which means peeling potatoes.... ya know, it sounds stupid, but.... I'll be so happy when/if the day comes that I can peel potatoes without it hurting. I bought an automatic peeler, but it only works on certain sizes/shapes of potatoes

anyways, have a great day folks.
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It's only chilly beside the computer in this house . We had to run the internet through the window since we're moving the computer upstairs once the reno is done. Otherwise we have these fantastic electric heaters that really warm up the house, and since it's an old log-cabin convert this all the work hubby did to seal up the cracks it REALLY holds the heat! (and cool in the summer )

I'm trying steaks under the broiler for the FIRST TIME for dinner tonight, I'm excited & nervous to see if I can avoid setting the house on fire .

The weatherman was saying something I missed about snow the other day... I'm so not ready for -35 weather again. I need to move somewhere warmer!!
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Morning everyone!

Chilly but sunny here today. I mentally conceded that since it's officially October tomorrow, I may need to start breaking out the winter blankets again. The cats were quite happy with this.

Got my SS name this morning so now I'm all excited and plotting and waiting for payday on friday.

Today's going to be a busy one - 9am-9pm since I have a program tonight, but I'm thinkign of taking Friday off to make up the time...I can't believe next week is thanksgiving already.

Anyway, my day today consists of work and that's about it. I'm going to try to jam a trip to the gym in there tonight, but I'm not betting on it.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning all on this hump day!

Today it's around 68 degrees F, sunny, breezy, and all-around lovely. It was pleasantly chilly this morning.

Right now I'm sitting outside, relieved that I probably aced my General Physics 1500 exam, save for an error I made due to stupid time constraints. About to go to Politics at 10:00 and later I'll have band rehearsal. Luckily band will be easy today because we're recording our CD.

I'm trying steaks under the broiler for the FIRST TIME for dinner tonight, I'm excited & nervous to see if I can avoid setting the house on fire .
Hehe, I'm gonna pan-fry steaks tonight when I get back from rehearsal. Last time I did it, no fire alarm went off. Hopefully my luck will be just as good tonight. Mmmmm...I also discovered the perfect way to make baked potatoes with a crispy skin!
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Morning All!!

Another dull dreary day here in cottage country.

I am pretty tired out today, so don't think I will be doing much of anything.

Put some left-over chicken, potato's, carrots and green beans in the crock pot so it looks like soup for dinner.

Other then that I think the high point of my day is to just park it in front of the TV or watch a movie..

The kitties all have the right idea they are napping.

Everyone have a great day
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Yes, it's beginning to feel like Fall here as well. Today is one of those cool, crisp, clear days that really define Fall. It was just cool enough this morning that I slid a light blanket over my chest. I wasn't cold, but the blanket made the bed much more snuggly and Thufir was under the covers with me snuggling up.

Actually, the blanket may not have been the best idea. When the alarm went off, I decided that maybe I didn't need to get up all that early and I went back to sleep for a bit. I didn't end up dragging myself into the office until almost 10. Luckily, I'm doing fine on hours, so I should be OK for the week.

I'll head to the gym after work, then home. I finally finished Moby Dick last night and now I've started reading a book about a Siamese cat named Charles, so I'll read on that a bit tonight. Not much else going on at the moment.
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Originally Posted by -_aj_- View Post
its freezing cold here in sunny england
Your worse than me! I thought it was quite mild out this morning
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Good morning all! I have three kitties sitting with me...Pooh, Murphee and Chunky Monkey . I woke up actually cold!! Grant it was because I had my windo open all night and my fan going! But it is going to be slightly chilly today, about 75 at most, its going to warm up tomorrow. I hate wednesdays! I have morning classes, afternoon class and a late night class! And in between I have to go to the barn to jump my horse! Im too tired to do it all! I cant wait until it gets cold enough to use the fireplace!! Especially since I really enjoy my coffee when its cold! Its not so good when its 100 degrees out I hope you all have a great day!
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Morning. Happy Wednesday! Yes it's definitely cooled down here from even a few days ago.

Oh, I just rememebered it's payday today too! I get paid on the last day of the month. Time to pay some bills! And also time to try to sort out some dates for a trip to England in November.... BF will be there 11/17-12/6 (his yearly trip home) and I really want to go for maybe a week while he's there. I still don't know what my job status is though. boo. Boss is in northern cali today for a meeting so I guess i won't hear anything today. BF is still in Miami til tomorrow afternoon.

I think for dinner tonight I'm going to make a veggie stirfry, I have a bunch of veggies to use up. I made a good stirfry last night and have leftover rice. Might as well cook up some more veggies then.

Have a good day people.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Your worse than me! I thought it was quite mild out this morning
was deffinatly chilly when i went outside :P ive shut all the windows and put the heating on haha
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Good morning all!! Another day with me feeling under the weather again I woke up with a headache in the middle of the night the only thing I can think of is that nyquil gave me a hangover?? Cuz i shouldn't have a headache after just taking medicine!! I feel a little better this morning but still can't do anything productive. I'll probably be in bed all day sucks! Jake is not even paying attention to me, he came up to me in the morning at around 8 am but I wouldn't wake up so he gave up and now he's sleeping too
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we went from summer temps to fall literally overnight this past weekend - Sunday was 24°C and Monday was, well, 11° and this change brought nasty winds, complete with wind warnings. I must say that high winds make unplugging a cultivator interesting and extra dirty not only deal with dirty weeds that leave slivers in your hands but swirling dust, chaff and assorted unidentified particles. I been playing farmer the last few days, cultivating sloughs and trying to get rid of sour dock. Much to Fatso's disgust, he cannot ride in the tractor with me out in the field....poor mistreated kitty.
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
...Another dull dreary day here in cottage country...
Oh Tierre you always make me miss my cottage so badly we were actually looking at buying a place close by (cottage is near Haliburton)

It must be BEAUTIFUL outside your windows today!!
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Quite cool here in North East Ohio as well, with lake effect rain and clouds. Those words, "lake effect" are a sure sign of fall and winter here
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