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Cleaning the back bedroom

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We rarely have overnight guests (a couple of the cats always like to sleep with "new peeples", and it's just not overly popular, I guess ) So, the spare bed is only remade when it starts looking "catty".

So, stripped the bed today, aired out the comforter and pillow, and washed the sheets and mattress cover.

It's nice to see that all that work is appreciated. I just wish they wouldn't muss it up so getting it "ready".

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awww thats adorable, 4 sleepy lil kitties
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Love it! it's like all of them have their own corners of the bed so nobody hogs it.
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Aww! Your orange and white one reminds me of Miss Kitty. It almost looks like she's laying there...
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Gotta love the tribe!!!
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Aw look, they left some room for you too!
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I love your threads, Mike. It's not just a photo of four cats on a bed, it's a story too.

Great pic though
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Super cute! It looks like they are doing their part to hold down the comforter.
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"Aw, thanks, Dad. You didn't have to clean it up just for us!"
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