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Is this Typical?

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Hi Gang... we just had our stray mom cat & 3 kittens spayed & neutered & since then (last Friday) they seem to have lost their appetites... also seem to be pretty listless... just wondering if anyone else has experienced this... I am somewhat worried as I would like to get them fattened up for the oncoming cold weather that approaches in out area (Michigan)... any experience or ideas would be greatly be appreciated...
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No, being apathic after neutering is not typical as such. they are supposed to be more or less the same, as soon they have recovered from the surgery.
They can get levelled, being less aggressive.
Some, feks many studs, even do live up, not longer being stressed by their hormones.

My guess is yours are still taken on by the surgery.

Hovewer, Look up so it dont went bad.
Are the wounds healing properly? No fever running or anything?

Edit. Watch out is a more idiomatic english than look up.... Look up is svenglish.
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Hi, my kitten, Jackson reacted badly to his first set of vaccinations and was off of his food for several days. When he was tiny and underwieght he loved his cat milk! It is the stuff from Whiskas. I am only giving it to him once a day right now, but I know when I had rescued a near frozen cat about the only thing she could eat was the cat milk, and it worked wonders. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by catsincrisis View Post
Hi, my kitten, Jackson reacted badly to his first set of vaccinations and was off of his food for several days.

Tx for this reminder!

right! IF they were vaccinated simultaneously, this should explain them being listless or even apathic. They often are during several days after a vaccination.
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I would give the vet who did the neuters a call just to ask, they are usually off for a few days but it is now Wednesday - that should be plenty of time to get over it and they will need some nutrition to help with the healing process
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They did receive a rabies shot at the same time... & I will call the rescue to get their input... where can I buy the milk product? (ie - grocery or pet store)

But I'm more worried now because this am they all came up to me when I brought the food out but lil Jett & Merlin had only a few bites & turned away (boo!)... Pearl & the Mom are the only ones eating well...

Thanks for your advice as I think I'm obsessing a lil :0)
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The milk product you can buy at petstores, are you feeding them wet food or dry? If mine go off their food, I buy cheap friskies or 9 lives wet - for some reason they just cant leave it alone and eat. Then once their tummies seem to have normalised and they have their appetites back I switch them back onto regular foods
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I am feeding dry with wet mixed (friskies) (2) times per day... I'll try your idea & give them a separate bowl of just wet & see how it goes... if still low intake I will try the milk tommorrow... thanks for the ideas!
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Most of our kitties loose their appetite and become kind of listless after the rabies shot. They also get VERY upset if we accidentally pet them there - it's sore. Takes them a couple of days to pop back to normal. But it's Thursday now - there really shouldn't be a problem at this point. I'd call the clinic.
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Hey LDG... so I think things are looking with lil Jett... last night, she climbed on my lap & was quite affectionate but still wasn't really eating & still seems pretty quite but did pay a little attention to me playing with Merlin... my wife & son came up with a theory that maybe Jett & Merlin have been nursing on Mom & getting supplemental food.. hence not very hungry... is this possible?

Fast forward to this morning... when I took their food out she just "chowed down" with the others as she ate for a good 2-3 minutes while watched & was still eating when I went in the house (YEAH!!!) & she had gone outside when I left for work which is also good news as she had been stayin in with Mom in the box... I'm going to give her separate wet food tonight to see if I can beef her back-up... I think she is on the road to recovery...

And I do have a call into the lady who runs the clinic & will hopefully talk with her today as well... thanks again for all of your help... I be so stressed out without you guys!
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I keep forgetting you've got a mom with milk. Yes - that really could have been it. But glad to hear it sounds like Lil Jett has her appetite back!
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So I get home last night & she comes bouncin up to greet me & I sit down & she jumps in my lap for cuddles & pets & purrin like a motorboat (JOY!!!)...

An later I come out with their nightly treats & she is chowin um down as fast as I can feed her & she even does a lil playin too!

An the when I come out to check them b4 bed she has caught a lil shrew & chowed him down too!

She was a lil quiete this am but the weather is crappy again so she may just be reflecting that cuz yesterday was beautiful & she had all kinds of energy...

Anyway... I'm thrilled & I can't believe how attached I've gotten to these lil buggers... I think it may be related somehow that I/we saved them from a very ruff life... I donno... that might be a good topic for discussion sometime...
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You've got it all wrong, Dave. They rescued you from a cat-free life.

Of course I'm SO GLAD Lil Jett is back to herself!
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