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Where does your cat sleep?

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Last nite, Shorty was just all over the place! She started out in the living room then after everyone went to bed, she went to the bathtub, then like an hour or 2 later, she was in the bathroom sink, then she moved someplace else! I guessthe bathtub and the sink were cooler than any place else! lol She's such a nutty cat! It was 30C/90F yesterday, very windy and a bit humid out so it was a real doozy of a day. Today it is cooler, but the humidity is way up. I'll see where she ends up sleeping tonite after work! lol
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Snowball often sleeps on either my bed or my son's bed during the day. Sometimes he goes under the covers, and then uncovers his head and lays it on our pillows. He looks really cute that way!

He also has several other places he likes to sleep. The place we are the least likely to find him sleeping is in his own cat bed!
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Both of my cats choose a "spot" that they sleep or nap in religiously. The after 3 or 4 weeks, that spot is suddenly "old hat", and they select another. It's the strangest thing!

At night, Squirt is always in the bed with me, although I know he leaves during the night to eat. Usually in the morning, he is on the foot of the bed on a blanket I keep there for him. Joey is usually stretched out on the floor outside the bedroom door when I go to bed. Sometimes he comes in for a visit, but he never stays, which is just as well, because if he's on the bed, he wants to be petted.
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I have cats on my bed everynight!
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Different places..But I have noticed that Fluffy comes in every night at the edge of the bed in between my legs where I curl up on my side, and sleeps there for a while.....I kinda like it because she is not the type of kitty that doesn't like to be held, pet, or just isn't very affectionate at all....she's coming around
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During the day, JC usually sleeps up in his cat tree, on one of his window perches, or on one of the beds. He very rarely uses his cat bed, which is on top of a kitchen cabinet. At night he usually sleeps at the foot of our bed.
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Usually, she's on the back of the couch, downstairs sleeping on the bar, or in my bed. Right now, she's in my bed sleeping on her Scooby Doo pillow which I am not permitted to touch. I washed it once and she darn near killed me. When I go to bed for the night, I am only permitted to sleep on the far right side of the bed, and if I roll over into her side of the bed, I get bit. She's taught me well!

The Scooby pillow that I dare not touch:

The day Scooby went to the washing machine (but still had to sleep on something Scooby!):

(LOL, I'm well aware that nothing on my bed matches anything else... meh.)

Or sometimes, she sleeps on the pool table:
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Coal usually has dibs on the space between the 2 of us at night. Max sleeps on my hip, and will even shift herself slightly when I go to roll over, so she never has to get off! Silver will occasionally come up to see Max and settle on my knee or shoulder. She gets booted quickly though, because she won't sit/lay still!

We usually have a collection of cats on the foot of the bed when we wake up. Sasha and Max are our alarm clocks; Max comes up and "WOW"'s in our faces, Sasha just washes our faces roughly.
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Mine sleep anywhere they want to! LOL! usually ROcket is on the bed with us, Luna is in the livingroom on the cat pillows, Isis is in the basement, and Twig is either on the fish tank or on one of the cat towers.
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Zoey changes her sleeping places all the time

Lately she's been sleeping in her new bed that I got her

In the morning when I wake up she is always on my bed
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Toes usually starts out on my head (or on my Mom's head right now) and will adjust as the night goes to in between my parents or when he was with me in between my legs.

Tailer either sleeps in another room or tucks herself in next to my or my Dad's waist.
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Generally, Spike sleeps anywhere he pleases... don't they all? Most of the time I'll find him either on the top tier of his cat tree or on the top of the couch... and occasionally under my bed during the day. He sleeps next to me on my bed during the night.
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LOL! I just counted. In hour home (which for those of you who don't know, it's a 37 ft. motorhome) we have 8 "beds" for the four cats + the "bird perch" on the back of the sofa + the two cat trees, which each have one cubby-hole for sleeping, and one perch that's large enough for sleeping on.

The cats all use all of those places, plus up underneath the two chairs (driver's seat and passenger chair). They use the couch when I'm not on it, and Gary's chair (which has a sheepskin covering it). Spooky will sleep on our laps for a while during the day.

It's funny - they sleep on the bed when we're not in it! Since coming home from the boarding facility (we were away for a long weekend last weekend), Shelly wakes me up around 3:00 - 4:00 am by meowing next to my ear and nipping my hair. When I wake up, I pet him, and he flops down next to me for about an hour or so.
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my 2 kitties usally start out in the same places, one in their laundy basket, with a nice blanket in it and the other in the catnapper, but 9 out of 10 times they end up in our bed, laying right up against us,
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my cats always sleep with me on my bed at night, but during the day they like to sun bake next to the window, or when its not sunny mickey will sleep in the cat tree and charli will sleep on the couch!

oh sometimes at night, my room has the ensuite bathroom, in the middle of the night when i go to the loo sometimes i'll find charli laying on the bathroom mat! LOL its the middle of winter!
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Pearl sleeps in the closet among the guitar cases, or in a box of shoes. Georgia sleeps on the cat tree or the couch. Fred sleeps somewhere on the bed. Either at my s/o's feet, or on top of me, whatever side is up.
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Ice Angel,

Shorty used to sleep on the bathroom mat too! Just in the winter time though. It's a really fluffy mat (mine whenever I decide to leave again ), and for some reason, she thinks it is really warm. It also helps that the vent for the furnace is right along side of it in the winter, so she'll sleep there for the nite, and if you don't turn a light on, she meows at you to let you know that she's there and you don't step on her!
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Max sleeps with me at night. During the day the house is his kingdom and he sleeps where he likes.
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During the day, Ivo sleeps on her kitty condo, on her cat bed or on my bed. At night she sleeps on the condo or on the back of my futon. And recently, she's been joining me when I first go to bed and right before I get up.
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My cats sleep EVERYWHERE!

From the top of the computer to the beds to the BBQ to the Oven to the TV to the KItty Beds to the Scratching post to my head to the rats cage .. heeehee
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Tybalt sleeps at the foot of the bed and Maddie sleeps between Tim and I. They love napping on thier 3 story kittie condo. Thier sleeping hiding place where they think that Tim and I don't know is on the second shelf of our storage unit. It is full of junk, but they squeeze themselves in the back and cute!

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Bump! Cool Thread!
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Jake follows us from room to room. If we're in the office he is sleeping on top of Craig's monitor. He doesn't like my monitor because it't not as flat as Craig's and Jakey LOOOOVES the heat.

If we're in the living room he'll sleep either in the triangle on the cat gym or the top tier, and if we're in the bedroom he's on the bed with us typically between Craig's legs because I roll around too much for his tastes.

Bastian is an independent sleeper. Typically he sleeps on the floor with part of his arms draped over the base of our halogen lamp, or he is in the triangle on the cat post in the living room. He could also be at any random windowsill through-out the house.

Drew is a doll and typically sleeps in the dirty clothes, or the foot of the bed. At night he sleeps on my side at the foot of the bed because I'm so short he gets more room than sleeping at the foot of Craig's side because Craig's feet almost hang off the edge of the bed. Sometimes we find him hidden in the corner in the closet.
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My cats like to sleep on our table, island, bed and on the floor.
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Most of my cats like to sleep outside at night. But Stinkie has to stay in (he has a curfew) and usually he sleeps on my stomach or on my head. But right now he is sleeping under the table by the air conditioner. And Rat is inside tonight and she is sleeping in my bed with her head on the pillow.
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