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Sock hunting Larry

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Little Larry loves to carry socks around and bring them to me as little gifts. In the middle of the night I'll here him meowing and wake up to find him sitting there proudly with a sock in his mouth! Honestly, I don't know where he finds them all!
Does anybody know of any toys out there that he could carry around like a sock? I've tried many little stuffed catnip toys but they just don't seem to carry the same allure as a regular sock. He plays with them and then leaves them. I have also purchased the little foam like balls which he carries around some times. One of the best games to play with him and the others is when I throw it up the stairs and he tries to catch it on the way down.
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Doesn't matter they aren't going to work . Maybe try giving him his own few pairs of socks? You could try some fake mice, I knit mine out of a soft-cotton that is similar to socks.

Our sweet old boy Benson () after he got too old to catch mice any more, switched to sock . He'd wake us all up in the middle of the night merowing his pride in his new catch.
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I'd just head to the thrift store and buy him his own socks. Catnip them up and he's got it made.
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That's so cute!!!! I think he definitely needs his own sock(s)!

And I love that his name is Larry. My cat is Larry!
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Socks are one of the best cat toys ever! That is why my socks are the first thing kept after laundry.
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Aya climbed up and overturned the sock bin last night. Of course she went right for the delicate lacey ones (bad kitty!). She picked them up in her mouth and carried them around the apartment. Then tossed her head like it was a giant rodent she was trying to make sure was dead.

Why don't you take an old odd sock (they seem to prefer the ones we've worn even if they're clean) stuff it with catnip and stuffing, sew it shut like a sock ball and let him go after it?

Aya also likes to molest a small black teddy bear I have. He's full of holes now, and I just got a tiger puppet (fake fur) that she's been after.
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Originally Posted by Lyrajean View Post
...Of course she went right for the delicate lacey ones (bad kitty!)...
I made my son some beautiful delicate little mo-hair mittens when he was newborn. They didn't take long, but they are tiny & tightly knit so they really cramped my hands!

Anyway, they are now in the cat toy bin since Tasha stole them!!! Naughty kitties indeed . They are one of her favourite toys .
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Well...I have my weekend project all set up. I will be sewing catnip in some socks I just purchased! Not knowing if Little Larry has a particular preference, I have purchased a pair of kid's socks and two pairs of adult size socks. It will be fun to see if he still takes the regular socks or sticks with the catnip ones.
Since Larry is a tiny cat he really looks adorable carrying around his socks. ( He was the runt of his litter). I'll try to post a photo if I can.
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Cuddles does this too. He is either dragging my socks or quilt scraps around the house, or he's got "cuddles' buddy". My Hubby got me a stuffed kitten for valentines day 2 years ago, but ever since Cuddles got big enough, he carries this kitten toy around by the ear or the back of the neck. It's one of the most adorable things ever. Maybe I'll try getting him his own socks, too, but somehow I just don't think it will work.
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