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She likes bubbles! Well, sorta...

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We bought a jar of bubbles about a month ago to see Genever's reaction, because in my past experience, cats like to chase bubbles. And it's a really cheap toy. At first, she would watch them with WIDE eyes, but not get near them, and even back up if they got too close. These days she likes them more but still mostly just watches them and then tries to hunt them after they pop.

Last night was so funny, she was meowing constantly while I was blowing bubbles! And running around jumping up on tables and chairs to try to get them. She finally gets it! Every time I wanted to stop and screwed the cap back on, she'd meow and meow and so I'd give in and blow some more. She's got me trained, all right!

Who else has bubble hunters??
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i tried it when flash was a kitten and she didnt like it but imight try it now shes got older
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Awww that must have been too cute!
I will have to try Kira on some bubbles - afterall she chases just about everything else!

Have fun blowing bubbles
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My girls love bubbles I have catnip bubbles! At first they were scared, then they realised the bubbles were fun to chase and catch, and come running as soon as they hear the first pop.
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My cats don't get into them much. Occasionally one will bat at one and look at me like "ok, are you happy now??". My one dog absolutely goes CRAZY over them and will jump and chase them all over the yard. So, it wasn't a complete waste of $1.50.
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