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thirst and kidney failure  

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Buddy has kidney disease and it came on fast with bad blood tests. have been doing subQ which he does not rebound that well with. He eats very little and now sits in the bathtub. He wants water but does not seem to able to drink much. which just started to happen. I feel if his T4 is a problem its from the kidneys being so bad. He really does not have the symptoms. I have been on the CRF forums but I guess buddy being 12 and has had kidney disease for over a year now if not longer the end may be near. He's not a happy guy and to put him through so much I feel is not a quality of life for him. Bun was 86 Crea was 9.5 amylase 4703 Alk 77. Vet did not think it looked good. Fluids are not helping and this thing with the bathtub and wanting water is a new issue. He even sat out on the porch so he could hear the rain. I feel its time but its so hard to know when as cats always act nice even when sick. His ast was 103. Has anyone had similar experiences out there?
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CRF cats drink a tons of water.
How much fluids are you giving him?
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Down through the years, I have lost many cats to kidney failure. I have come to accept that as part of an aging cats life. I have gone through SQ fluids, but I just look at it as a bandage. It helped for a while, but my cats eventually had to be sent to the bridge. It is so hard, this indecision. You will know when the time comes and your decision will be clearer. God bless you for your love for your Buddy. I have a Buddy myself. Twelve years is a long life for a cat. I will be thinking of you and praying for Buddy.
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He started moaning a lot this morning and sitting in bathtub and wanting water. Fluids are not helping. His stomach sticks out a lot surprising as he barely eats. He is thinner. I feel its time to put him down. He's not a happy guy. He looks so good thats whats sad.
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There are alot of treatments you can try.
I have a cat with CRF and am doing other treatments besides the fluids.
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I put him down. He was real sick and fluids were to late. His tests were terrible and rather than delay what is and after giving fluids a chance I felt it was the best thing to do. He wanted out and his quality of life was not good. Not eating with fluids if he did it was not good.The crying and moaning and sitting in the bathtub and over his water was not good. His breathing was odd and could not curl up like he use to. He had this for over a year now but the bad signs just showed up suddenly.. I felt it was the right thing to do as painful as it was. He looked at me and said "get me out of here". I dug a 3ft hole and buried him in a Old french wine crate and had a top made and stained it. Also stapled chicken wire around so no one could get to him and if if I move he's coming as are the other cats. My other cats lived till 19 years thats why it was such a shock at 12 for Buddy. Still have his sister Beatrice so she needs me now.
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Rest in Peace, Buddy.

I will now close this thread.
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