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Question of the Day: Tues. Sept. 29

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My mind is blank this morning...hmmmmm

What is your typical morning routine?
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Wake up, and while snuggling the cats, think of five things I am thankful for. then 100 kicks with my legs to get my metabolism started.

I then stagger out of bed, turning the computer on, on my way to put the coffee on. Scoop litter boxes, wash my hands. While I wait for the coffee to perk I check my email and forums. usually the cats take turns on my lap during this time. When the coffee's ready I pour a cup, and feed the cats their first breakfast course.

I continue zoning out in front of the computer until...well now <s> and then I have to hustle to start my day. I hurry to give the cats their second course, pill Tolly, make my breakfast, shower and get out, all in the next 45 minutes.

good question!
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Since we started leaving my son's door open in the morning he now comes and wakes me up (of course we have the entire upstairs baby-proofed to the max!). His feet are SO big the moment he sets off walking it wakes me RIGHT up.

So sometime between 7-8:30 I get a baby flying at me with is blankie in tow to come cuddle in bed. He gets bored with that in about 5-10 minutes and will start fidgeting and kicking me until I get up . He's a good alarm clock!!

Then we take the dogs out side, I put my contacts in, the mommy tries to decide what she's making for breakfast, the dogs come back in. Dogs get fed, cats gets fed, my son gets fed. If I'm eating breakfast (pregnant, I TRY To eat every morning but some days, like this morning, I'm just not feeling that good) I'll sit down with him at the table. Otherwise he's right over my shoulder while I answer my emails and check my web-stuff. At some point I try to make myself a cup of tea, but I usually only end up drinking half of it before it goes cold or the little man steals it. So then I have to make myself another... I usually end up making 3 - 4 cups of tea every morning and maybe drinking 2, if I'm having a good day.

Then it's time for a diaper change, to get him dressed, if I'm lucky me (otherwise some days I have to wait until nap time ). Then it's try to get some dishes done or laundry whatever I can manage but it all depends on what mood Lucas is in. I think this morning we'll be playing in the living room for awhile.

10am is Seasame Street time! So we sit down together to watch. If it's rainy I'll let him watch Word World & Sid the Science kid because he'll stay in the living room and watch those by himself so I can get some cleaning done. After Sid the TV goes off until 3pm is time for Days (I know, cliche, but I need some drama in my life!).

12 is Nap-time & my work has just started for the day . I'm exhausted thinking about it already!!!

I'm scrubbing and tidying sometimes cooking until he gets back up between 2-3; but that's not morning any more .
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Ive never really sat and thought about what i do im normally on auto most mornings but at the moment my day is get up out of bed go put some dry food in for the cats i go to the bathroom d what i need to in there apart from showering, i through some old clothes on and drive to my mams house still on auto, i walk into her kitchen put the kettle on tell her to make me a coffee then i go upstairs to her bathroom then i have my shower dry my hair then go downstairs drink my coffee have a bit chat about why my bathroom still isnt fixed then i go home to the rascels grab their wet food and serve their breakfast.

hopefully as of the end of this week i should be able to cut the middle bit out and not have to see my mam everyday
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My morning routine:

- wake up, stumble out of bed (couch, wherever I slept)
- hit the bathroom (not for a shower )
- grab coffee, and surf for a bit.

That is the only routine part....the rest varies on whether I have an appt or not.

If I have an appt. then I shower after my surfing depending on the time I have to leave... If its an early appt, then no surfing, just shower, coffee and go. I hate waiting, so I time things so its just a get up and go type of deal.

- if I don't have anything to do, some days I'm on the computer most of the morning.

But definately coffee and surfing are a regular part of my morning routine
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Hmm my usual routine:

Get up, get changed for school
Go wash my face, fix my hair
Get my coffee
Get my laptop out and come on here
I eat...usually a poptart
I stuble over a few cats running around the house
Fighting off Murphee who always wants to steal my food
Warming up my coffee again...
I usually do my makeup at my laptop to save time, so i can be on here that extra few minutes lol
Get my bag ready
Head out the door to school!!

Often times I am about 2-5 minutes late getting out of the house...I blame the kitties and their cuteness....they always seem to be cute as I am leaving!
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-Get up with cell phone alarm...
-kiss to my wife..........
-to get out at King Milky & Catulina at the back yard...( with one eye open and the other close)
-to get out to our room to Horatio from his "penthouse"
-scoop litters...
-to dress up to go work
-to feed the birds from the area ( feral )
-to get back at their "penthouse" to horatio, check up water, toys, & dry food for him
-To get back at King Milky & Catulina from the back yard.., check up water, toys, & dry food for him & her...

& Get run for the time hour...

Not always time for coffe at home, usually at office desk...

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Well let's see it goes something like this....

Linus get off me, try to roll over, oww oww oww. Get up got to the bathroom, give the cats some treats to pacify them..Take 2 of my meds and lay back down until they kick in..

Get up, have some hot chocolate, putter at TCS for a bit, shower, then get ready for the day....
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Get up whenever I feel like it since I am retired. Give Autumn some hugs and hit the powder room. Brush my teeth, make the bed. Wander down the long hallway to the kitchen, turn on the coffee maker, put fresh water in Autumn's bowl, give her a snack. That is how I start my morning every day.
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Wake, dress, have two cups of coffee, walk down and check the pool/spa, add chemicals if needed.
Clean and restock the restrooms then come home and have breakfast.
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It depends on what day. however a typical workday is similar to this:
- Alarm goes off - head to the bathroom and the cats follow me.
- I go for a run or hit the gym
- Once I'm home; Feed the kitties their dry food, scoop the litterbox, check their water.
- Straighten up the living room, making sure blankets are on the couch so they don't scratch it
- Make coffee (some for me now and the rest for DBF when he wakes up).
- Eat breakfast and surf the web.
- Shower and get ready for work.
- Mon thru Fri I'm out of the house between 650-7am.
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- Wake up to my alarm or hubby getting up.
- Go to the washroom.
- Let the dogs out of their crates and let them out in the yard to do their business.
- Feed chinchillas, rats, cats and dogs.
- Feed myself and DH.
- Take out raw food to defrost for cats and dogs for evening meal.
- Get dressed.
- Jump on the elliptical or treadmill or do yoga. Some sort of workout.
- Either get ready for work or take the dogs to the beach. Depends what day it is.
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Wake up, make coffee and cereal or toast. Grab vitamins, head to my desk and spend half hour online or so.

Head to the shower, then makeup, hair, get dressed.

Off to work!
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Hmm...Wake up, hit snooze at least twice. Shuffle out of bed and downstairs trying not to trip on cats. Wash cat bowls and feed breakfast, remove Cotton's face from Freya's bowl and direct him to his own food. Put kettle on. Get clothes and get dressed. Pour tea. Go do hair and make-up, make lunch and breakfast and take it and tea into the office to read the news & forums for 5-20 minutes (depending on how many times I hit snooze ). Put dishes in kitchen sink. Go brush teeth. Say goodbye to DH, and I'm out the door. I have to be out of the house by 8:25 and this whole routine takes an average of 30-40 minutes...I'm definatly not a morning person.
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Wake up. Get dressed. Put in contacts. Sit on the computer for roughly 20 min or so. Make lunch(es) and clean up a bit. Brush teeth and brush hair. Feed cats. Go to work.

Fairly easy routine. I don't wear makeup or do my hair all fancy for work; I work in electrical sales. It would get too messed up. So quick and easy it is for me.
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Every day starts with Flowerbelle either licking my face, poking me in the eye with her paw, or walking on my head (I sleep through it if she walks on me anywhere else). I pour some water in a bottle cap for her to drink and then depending upon the time, I either try to go back to sleep - or I stumble out of bed to go clean litter boxes.

From there - depends on if it's a no-appointment day or not. No appointment days... usually turn the water on to boil on my way back to the bedroom. Stop at the bathroom if I need to. Toss something in the DVD player (Gary likes the distraction from the pain). Usually a TV show rather than a movie (we don't have "live" TV anymore). If it's around 8:30, and Gary is actually asleep... it depends. Sometimes I wake him up (depending upon what news is being reported in the stock market or morning calls we need to make) - I try to let him sleep, because he's usually up most of the night and finally passes out around 6:30 or 7:30am. But most economic news stuff that matters is released at 8:30am.

I go make the tea (these days Dong Ding oolong) for us, and light up the laptop. Check work e-mails, company news releases, check the econ news. Get Gary prepped for AM calls/morning meeting if necessary.

It's usually around 10:00 or 10:30 when we're done with all that stuff, so then I go shower and get dressed if we don't have company conference calls set up.
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