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Daily Thread Tuesday Sept 29th

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Morning peeps!

Its going to be rainy and cool today..typical fall day.

Off to work in a bit and then tonight maybe head to the gym.

Not much else planned...still waiting for my SS email

Have a good one folks!
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It is raining again!! What is the deal with the weather these last few days? My garden is enjoying the drink but I'm a little tired of it. I've still got a few pumpkins, some carrots & a ton of GORIGOUS sunflowers that came in late so they are a beautiful burst of colour all across the back of the house . I love sunflowers.

Did NOT want to get out of bed this morning! I've got a major internet issue to fix with the provider and I HATE tech support people! Oh well, better suck it up and get this stupid thing working. We have a new VOIP phone and with our line-of-sight-wireless internet it doesn't work so well when it's rainy like this.

It's my mom's birthday so I already sent her some good wishes but have to plan a skype session for after hubby gets home. I'll get Lucas working on some pictures as soon as he's done is marathon breakfast (man this kid eats allot!!) .

Can't I curl up for a few more minutes of sleep??
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It was cold overnight (dropped down to 44) and I'm so sad that summer is gone.

I've got some stomach bug that I came down with last night and am hoping that it's of the 24 hour variety. So I'm working from home today and staying warm in my pajamas.
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feel better Amy. Gotta have you in top shape for SS

Rainy, dreary and grey here today.

I've already been to physio, and now its just relaxin' till I have to take Kendra to cadets.

There's one good thing bout the rain... it put off Kendra's x-country which is good, it means things won't be so hectic tonight with the timing.

Thats bout it here....

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Cool and dreary here this morning. I so completely didnt wnt to get out of bed...especially because yesterday was not a good day.

Today I'm just hoping thisngs stay nice and calm and that I can get alot of work done (unlike yesterday).

So far so good, although Cotton did have a bit of a throw-up incident last night so we're cutting him back to just dry food for a few days to see if that helps settle his stomach. I was so bummed since before this morning we'd had 4 days with no throw up...sorry if that's TMI.

Anyway, hopefully a quiet day here and I hope everyone else has a good one.
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Good Morning all! It is finally a little chilly here! Going to be around 80 today I have a class then I am going to take care of my horses. Have a lab this afternoon then a night class . Im going to try and get some more homework done early if its possible. I am tired and in need of a vacation!! Murphee and Kamie are rampaging through the house again! I hope everyone has a great day!
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Morning. Last night was the first time I didn't have the fan on in months! Getting to be 'winter' time here... Like Junebug said, it's getting chilly here, only going into the 70s today in the LBC. (i have to assume you live in the desert, or at least east a bit, since you always report higher temps than me..)

Anyway, today or tomorrow my boss is having a 'talk' about my job situation I guess. We're really slow and I don't know if he's going to get rid of me or just cut my hours/pay. The suspense is kinda, well, awful really!

In other news, BF is in Florida for work til Thursday afternoon. Boo. I miss him as usual. Genever misses him a lot too I think, she was meowing so much last night! I had to remind her that daddy won't be home for a few days. So, nothing planned for today after work except maybe some laundry. I should wash the comforter and the new mattress pad I bought yesterday. Yeah, that'll give me something to do.

Have a great Tuesday everyone, stay warm!
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Afternoon All!!

Damp, dull and dreary here as well. Little late getting here today as I spent the morning being poked and prodded by my doctor.

Feeling a little better today, still pretty tired and the weather has gotten me really achy.

My sister has decided that she just has to come an spend the evening with me which quite frankly I could live without but she does mean well.

The kitties are all napping, Linus was sneezing a lot this morning so I am hoping that the poor little guy isn't getting a cold or something.

Everyone have a great day
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