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Poor, One-Eyed Odin Needs a Foster, Rescue, or Furrever Home SOON!!

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**I'm posting this to as many groups and forums as I've ever been a member of--please read and share Odin's story with as many as you possibly can!!**

Hi all--

Today on my way to work, I happened to glance down into a neighborhood flowerbed and saw what I was certain had to be a dying cat. He could barely lift his head to meow at me, one eye was goopy and sealed shut, and he was wheezing, drooling, and moaning. He let me pick him up and wrap him in a sheet. A passerby said, "Yes--that cat belongs to the people behind me. Another one of theirs died under my car last year. Would you please go have this one killed? It's sick and I'm afraid I'll catch something from it. It always wants me to pet it, but no one around here wants to touch it." Well. Guess what? I wasn't afraid to touch it, and I whisked it off to the low-cost clinic.

At the vet, I discovered that Odin didn't have an infected eye--he had an infected eye SOCKET. His eye was already gone. Furthermore, the drooling and awful smell was coming from poor Odin's mouth, which is loaded with abscessed teeth. To top it all off, he has a deep upper respiratory infection that makes him rattle and wheeze.

I can't imagine what life must have been like for Odin. He was obviously once a very BIG, very KINGLY boy--his paws and head are huge, yet his body is very emaciated, because the pain in his mouth has kept him from eating the kibble his "owners" throw on the ground. I heard further reports that when these people's cats start mating with each other, they run out and kick the cats in the ribs to stop them. Birth control???

I fully intend on sending an anonymous letter to Odin's former owners. Odin will never, ever go back there.

Right now, he is on antibiotics that will help calm the various infections raging in his body. I was afraid he would have no appetite, but it turns out he has an EXCELLENT appetite for canned food. He also has a serious appetite for affection.

Next Monday, Odin goes back to the vet to have his eye socket stitched shut and his teeth cleaned/pulled. He will also be neutered and vaccinated.

Odin will be unable to stay with me beyond next Wednesday. He needs a foster home, cat rescue, or, even better, a home of his own! He has been outcasted from society for far too long--first for simply existing, secondly for being so ill most people found him repulsive. Perhaps he has never known true human acceptance. He is approximately 4 years old. Better late than never!

Please--cross-post this information and photo anywhere you can think to cross-post it. I am more than willing to help arrange transport. I live in western Kentucky, and if a willing heart can be found, my willing hands will help Odin get there.

Everything will have been done for him health-wise--all you need to add is love! His photo is attached to this post.
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Oh, that poor, poor kitty! What about someplace like Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi - could they help? I know there are places that rescue hard-luck kitties like Odin, but I don't know how one goes about finding them.

Thank you so much for picking him up and caring enough to get him care. God bless you.

Can't those people be prosecuted somehow? And they have other cats? This is terrifying to me.

Good luck, to you and Odin!
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Maybe you could contact Best Friends Rescue. They specalize in these difficult cases. It may take some work, but I bet there is a rescue somewhere that would love this guy.

Why can't you keep him past next week? I know our shelter is full (as many probably are) but we often ask people to hold the cats while we put them on a waiting list.
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I was thinking of Best Friends Rescue also. If I were anywhere even close to you, I would drive and pick him up in a minute. Bless you for taking care of him and please report his former owners. They should not own pets, ever again!
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why do people like that even bother to have pets?
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KRZ and others: I have e-mailed Best Friends begging for assistance, and I pray they respond with good news. Where are you located, by the way? I am absolutely MORE than willing to arrange transport.
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Unfortunately I am in Pennsylvania. I will say a prayer that Best Friends or another rescue will step up and help you out.
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KRZ--What if Odin came TO you?

I'm just askin'.
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Best Friends is located near St. George, Utah, but they have chapters and outreach all over the country.
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How about Cat House on the Kings? It 's not in your backyard, but they do provide lifetime care for cats. It's a great place to adopt too!
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i don't know why I thought I'd e-mailed "Best Friends"!!! I meant that I had e-mailed our local rescue--Creatures Great & Small. They have helped with spay/neuter vouchers in the past, and I'm really, really hoping they can find a foster home for Odin.

I've had a couple of people say they would take him if no one else would, but I really want to find Odin a home where someone is THRILLED to have him.

He's doing much better this morning, by the way. He's now had three doses of antibiotics and three day's worth of yummy, yummy food. I think all that love is starting to show!
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you did a good thing by helping him. I would have done the same thing i also help homeless cats to. If i had away to get him i would keep him forever. he needs to have a loving home. please let me know how he is doing.
thanks cats haven
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CatsHaven--I have relatives in West Virginia and could EASILY get Odin to you. Are you truly interested in helping him, because that would be fantastic.
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Im in Pa and I would love to help that poor little boy...Thats so horrible how he was treated before hand and thankfully someone like you stepped into his life to save him....Oh my heart just breaks for that fuzzy little sweetheart!!
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Do you mean that you might be interested in giving Odin a home?
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Originally Posted by kittens&mittens View Post
CatsHaven--I have relatives in West Virginia and could EASILY get Odin to you. Are you truly interested in helping him, because that would be fantastic.

where does your relatives live at in west virginia? an how much is his adoption fee? an yes i would love to have him he looks like he needs a very loving home. knowing what he's been thought. thank-you
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Hi Cat's Haven--they live near Charleston. They're actually my boyfriend's relatives, but hey, we've been together four years, so they're practically my relatives, too.

As for Odin's adoption fee, I haven't set one. I'm kind of asking for whatever someone can pay, as a donation towards the cost of his care.

It would be SO wonderful if you could give him a home. I'm insisting that he go to an indoor-only home (for obvious reasons). Let me know if you're still interested!!
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Just reading through this thread - how did this all turn out? God Bless you people for helping this poor kitty! I'm in WV, too - and would happily take him, (except I'd have to change my name and probably wouldn't have a husband anymore!)
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Just an update on Odin--he went into the vet today to be neutered, vaccinated, tested for feline leukemia, have his eye socket stitched shut, and have his teeth cleaned (whew!!).

The vet went ahead and neutered/vaccinated/tested him, but she was reluctant to stitch up his eye and clean his teeth, because she noticed the lymph nodes in his neck were VERY swollen.

Now, I had noticed this and assumed it was because of the major infection in his gums!! The vet said it's very possible that that's the root of his swollen nodes, but that she would be more comfortable if we did a biopsy first. So...she did the biopsy today and the results should be back in a week to 10 days. :/ In the meantime, I'm desperately seeking a local foster home for Odin, because he can no longer stay in my guest room when he comes home from the vet tomorrow, and I'd like to keep him isolated from my other three cats.

Your light, love, and prayers would be appreciated as we wait to find out the biopsy results. Thanks so much, everyone, for your support.

I'll keep everyone posted.
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I have been thinking about Odin, what is the update on him?
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Oh yes, please do update us. How did the biopsy results turn out? Did he find a great home yet?
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