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Latest update on Willow (AKA Goldy)

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I had an email from Heather. She says Willow is doing great. She got a second cat from a shelter, named Alice, and says that Willow just loves her. She even pounces on Alice and chases her around the house. She never did that with any of my other cats. I think she was a little overwhelmed here. Anyway, it sounds like she found the perfect home.

Heather sent a couple of pictures of Willow and Alice together. Willow looks so happy and healthy.

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It's awesome that you found such a good home for Goldy (and that her new owner keeps in touch). You must be so pleased.
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Aww thats so sweet...She looks so happy and healthy you must be very happy that she has an owner that is really taking care of her and keeping you updated.
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It's always great to hear updates after they are in thier homes. It's nice to hear she is doing so well. She really does look happy.
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She really does look great, doesn't she? I think she's put on some weight, too. She was so skinny when she lived with me, probably because she never stood up for herself and didn't get her share of the food.

Heather and I are hoping to meet up at a cat show one of these days, if we can find one that works around her school schedule.
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Awww. Willow (she'll always be Goldy to me) looks so good and happy! Its great that she made a new friend.
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It's great to hear such good updates about kitties in their furever homes!
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