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cant... breathe...

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Okay so what is going around right now? I think everyone I know is sick! And now I'm starting to sniffle and sneeze. Gah, I hate being sick! I'm hoping its just allergies!

Anyone else feeling under the weather?
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Yup I've been feeling under the weather the pat 3 days. It's nothing too serious but I just have a little bit of a throat ache and I am slightly feverish. The fever is wearing me out though and I can't seem to do much at all I just want to watch TV and snuggle with Jake or do something that doesn't require any energy such as post on TCS I hate being sick too I'm going to miss class and I hate that because I have to explain whats going to my professors, blah blah blah! I hate it.
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There is one whopper of a cold going around! It's the first cold I've had in about 6 years. I've had one for 1 week. It's still in my head and hasn't gravitated to my chest yet, and there is no sign of infection. So I just keep drinking hot fluids to clear my sinuses and going through boxes and boxes of Kleenex!
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We have had a strange cold going on around here. I got it, it's not really a full blown cold, but you don't feel great either. I still have a minor touch of it a week later, but at it's worst it was no where near bad enough to stay home. Strange.
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so sorry... I hope feel you better Jordan...
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Nothing with me currently but my Nana has been sick for over a week, very sick with the flu. Get better soon everyone.
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