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Post-spay behaviour

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Since her caesarian and spaying, Misty was pretty Ok, but the last couple of days she'd been wondering to the cat's room, where she had her nest box before and calling, it sounds like a call when cats are on heat. Is this normal?

My vet said that it is, that it'll take her body a bit of time and she'll feel like calling for now, but my last cat Ericka, did not call at all when she was spayed, so I'm a bit confused.

Misty is still being a good mum, just goes off for a bit when kittens are sleeping and calls/cries.

Is she maybe looking for the two kittens who didn't make it?

I just want to know if I can do anything for her, the vet said that I should just let it pass, but I thought I'd ask the cat majority here!
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I wish I could help... Perhaps Misty is really looking for the two lost kitties.... Hopefully she will get better as time passes.
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Like people, no two cats will be the same and will react differently to the same thing.

With some cats even after spaying/neutering there is still the presence of hormones within them to cause the urge to search for a mate. It usually takes about a month or so, (depending on the cat), for things to settle down. It is really best discussed with your vet as they will know the full history of Misty and what she has been through.
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