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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
The benifits outweigh the risks for me, and my quality of life is much better now.
You're right, I'm only concerned. It can mess with your blood sugar, as can the beta blocker and I think I remember you mentioning insulin resistance (not uncommon with vasovagal -btw, ncs is easier to say! ) - so I really hope your doctors keep an eye on you.

I should probably be on a very similar regime to yours. But I have a cardiologist that doesn't want to treat anything aggressively. If I didn't have to travel a couple hundred miles I'd hunt for another cardiologist. I'll have to eventually, though, as it seems despite docs saying "oh no, it's harmless" after enough years of tachycardia it can mess up one's heart.
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not as many as I should I am resistant to taking most RXs and thankfully I go to an osteopath and he is not a pill pusher..

I taking 1 soon to be 2 neurontin ( not sure what number it will end up being)
as needed but not the every four hours like the bottle says ultram
inhaler as needed

many supplements
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Either 1-2 depending on how my allergies are for the day. It's razene, and it's an OTC anti-histimine.
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My pain relief and anti inflammatory prescriptions 12 a day. 1 multi vitamin, 1 folic acid and 1 vitamin D daily.

Then every other week one arthritis medication 6 little pills. This I alternate with another arthritis medication that is an injectable. Does that one count as a pill?
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This is so fascinating to me, what meds people take.

Up until August of 2008, I could count on one hand the number of times I had to fill a prescription - and it was usually short-term to deal with pain from tooth extraction, or penicillin for a sore throat. I hardly ever took anything stronger than an aspirin or Tylenol or ibuprofen.

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and look out! All of a sudden I was filling prescriptions left and right. Some of them I ended up not using, like Vicodin for pain after my lumpectomy....I think I must have one of those pain thresholds that I'd rather endure than get hooked on something. I have full bottles of Vicodin, Percocet, Ativan for anxiety, that I haven't used. I guess I could make alot of money on the streets...LOL!

I did use the anti-nausea/vomiting meds they gave me while I was undergoing chemo. I used them religiously and strictly followed instructions, and I never once threw up or felt nauseous.

Anyhoo....sorry for being, I take a calcium/vit. D pill, a multi vitamin, and Arimidex, which takes all the remaining estrogen out of my body....I'll be taking the Arimidex for 5 years, then I can go off that.

I also take Actonel once a week for osteoporosis.

But that's it for meds these days for me.
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I saw on Dr.Oz that if you take 6 or more pills a day you have a 94% chance of having an overdose or a drug reaction

I take a multivitamin, folic acid and bc pill.
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Quite a few...

Inderal for migraine prevention - daily
Imitrex for migraine breakthrough - as needed
Maxalt for migraine breakthrough - as needed
Zyrtec D daily for allergies
Nasonex nasal spray daily for allergies
Albuterol inhaler daily for allergies
Lotemax eye drops daily for allergies
Soma for back spasms - as needed
Flexeril for back spasms - as needed
sometimes I need them both!
Seasonale - BCP daily
Compounded Dexamethasone/benedryl/maalox rinse for mouth sores - as needed
extra strength Vicodin for back pain - as needed...again, quite frequently lately

Since a year plus of allergy shots only seemed to make me sicker, I decided to stop them, and just treat the symptoms. I'm severely allergic to the cats, but living without them is NOT an option!
Ambien - for insomnia - as needed, so pretty often
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Just 1. I take diane 35 (bc but its for acne). I plan to switch pills in 3 months when my prescription is done.
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I don't take any pills daily.
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Like others, too many, and too many for my liking - I am currently working on getting some of them down, and seeing the doc tomorrow.

Before breakfast

Omeprozole (to help my stomach lining due to no of tablets) - dont have to do this daily
Fexofenadine (antihistamine) - all year round

After breakfast

Hydroxycholoroquine (daily to calm my immune system)
Naproxen/Ibuprofen (daily at moment, but this is one I am working on - I am down to one a day from two)
Multi vit

With tea

Veg Omega 3

Before Bed

Singulair (to help my asthma)
Tramadol/Solpadol (working on this one too)
Amitriptyline (have sleeping issues)

I also have Co-codamol that I can take if I am having a bad day with pain

So, 6 at a min including supplements, but anything up to 15 - fortunately not many days like that, the average tends to be 7/8. My health condition isn't supposed to be lifelong though, anywhere between 2 and 10 years - 4 years so far!! I am also looking into something to help my REynauds as I Am constantly like ice and winter hasn't even kicked in here yet - if anyone knows of a supplement that works, I would be grateful
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I don't like pills and don't like taking them even less. I'm a huge believer in natural sources of vitamins/minerals. I also think that most people these days are over medicated. The only pill I take is my BC. I don't even like taking that.
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Just one - my BC pill.
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a fish oil tablet at night--for thyroid help
a 88mg Synthyroid for Hypothyroidism
10mg of Ambien for insomnia
2mg of Requip for RLS (restless leg syndrom)
40mg of Nexium for GERD
2 10mg of paxil for depression/anxiety
if my migrain is bad,then up to 10 Midrin.
or up to 5 Amerge
I am supposed to be on Lasix,but haven't been taking it.
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I dont take any. Sometimes I take vitamins, but for the most part nothing at all.
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just stopped taking bc because of my migraines and it will lead me to have a stroke, now i'm just taking glucosamine and fish oil for my arm.. but i don't take it daily...
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