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Daily Thread Monday Sept 28th

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Morning peeps!

Its going to be a rainy one today. My sister is leaving to go back home. I pray she has a safe trip back with the girls.

I am off to work in a bit..and then tonight picking Josh up at school. He has late classes.

Had a good weekend filled with family stuff.

Thats it for now folks..have a good one!
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I will add in my for your sisters safe trip home.

It is definately a Monday.....

Cool, damp and dreary here.

Thankfully I have no appts. today, as I'm still trying to rid myself of my headache. It is going to be a lazy day.

Weekend was good, got some bad news but it was not surprising. Kids and hubby had a good weekend.

Hubby is going away tonight, back tomorrow, then leaving Thurs. back on Friday. I am soooooooo glad this project is coming to an end and he's going to be home nightly again soon

I'm that my headache goes away by tomorrow.... I have a busy day tomorrow.
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It's 1am here and I slept quite a bit during the day, so it will probably be another hour before I think about bed. I'm currently reading threads on TCS and half watching ready steady cook.

Not much planned for my Tuesday. I've got some assignment work to do and work in the evening.

Have a nice day everybody.
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Our Monday has started out with some sprinkles, but it's supposed to dry out as the day goes on. We also have some more Fall-like temperatures on the way, with cool and dry expected for the rest of the week.

Nothing exciting planned for the day. I'll be working on various projects and just trying to get some work done and get a good start on the week. I'll hit the gym this afternoon, then read a bit after I get home. I may stop off and grab something for dinner on the way home. That's about it. I hope everyone has a good day.
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Morning All!!!

Cool, damp and rainy here as well this morning.

Having a hard time getting these old eyes to open up.

Have a meeting with my doctor at 11:30 so I guess I will just head off to school for a couple of hours after that.

I am so far behind from being sick lastweek it is kind of a daunting task to to look at.

That plus I got some very bad news yesterday hasn't helped my stress levels much.

Oh well life goes on and you make the best of it.

The kitties have had enough of the rain and have all went back to bed...lucky kitties..

Everyone have a great day
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Good Morning all! I overslept a little this morning....I have class in a bit, then off to the horses. I have an afternoon class and then I am thinking of staying in the library for a few hours because I didnt do so well on one of my tests....even though I studied for it . Kamie and Murphee are running around chasing each other and knocking stuff down as they go It is going to only be at a high of 97 degrees today!!! By wednesday it is 79 degrees! Thank You Mother Earth!! I am tired of heat and humidity! Lets bring on the fall weather!! I hope eveyrone has a great day!
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I've got wet & rainy too. A perfect day for the things I need to get done, which includes pickling 5-6 cucumbers for my mother's birthday present for tomorow . I'd better get to work...

We're also starting potty training as my son took off his dirty diaper last night and handed it to me, oh so innocently proclaiming "all done!" . He's lucky he's so darn cute!!! Was waiting around all morning but no pees, no poops . He went for his nap early because he's very tired so hopefully we'll have a nice long afternoon for me to hover around behind him some more .
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Hi everyone
My day is going to be pretty boring, I am sick and i have a project to do for tomorrow..
I dunno whats wrong with me, but i just have a slight pain in my throat and I mostly feel weak all over and tired ..I took my temperature and I'm slightly feverish.
It is probably stress since I have a few presentations to do this week, and they are all sort of ambiguous as far as topics and require my personal input rather than strictly educational which always scares me because I have to act friendly and connect with people I don't know at all..
Anyways, apprently I could ramble on and on in these daily threads
Enjoy your day everyone
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Good Morning. Finally cooling off, sooooooo tired of the heat! It was 113 on Saturday here. Today is just another work day, about to head out and take care of my little lady. I hope her day is better than yesterday, she wasn't feeling well and slept almost the whole time I was there.

The cats and dogs are all playing and zooming around, they sure love it when the heat breaks.

Getting the front of the house winterized a bit, putting things in storage this afternoon that we won't be using much more.
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