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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
I am taking him to the vet tomorrow after work and lets see what they say!
You are wise to have Gatto's wound re-checked just to be sure it is healing without problems.
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I'm just seeing your thread, Fran. I'm glad to see he's making progress. I would have the wound re-checked as well. Hope that Teufel is back to normal soon!
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I'm so glad!!!!! Bummer about the one wound on his leg, but I'm sure you'll feel better after visiting the vet.
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Glad to hear you're feeling better, and Gatto is on the mend, but good idea to get that ankle checked -- better safe than sorry.
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Well luckly i had made an appt its in half an hour, because when i came home he was relieved to see me but it seems his limping is worse and he smells funny!!
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His wound does not look good, i had to leave him in over night, he has a temperature of over 40, the bite is right near the joint and she is hoping it hasnt infected the joint, he is having surgery tomorrow to drain it all out and possibly an x-ray, there is a lot of puss coming out of the wound, which she explained was good because it means the body is trying to push it all out.

I wish i could have protected him more, or help him more and take all the pain away from his leg. I wish i didnt go into work that day or go to hospital.

Hubby is amazed at how i know my kitties so well, i had told him last night that gatto had a fever and that he had to be taken in today.
Kaylee and Johnny are smothering me with cuddles and kisses, they know something is up.

I just hope he doesnt need to have his leg amputated or have FIV.

Please keep him in your prayers. I love him so much and i could not stand to lose him
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
Please keep him in your prayers. I love him so much and i could not stand to lose him
Oh how worrisome,
At least now, your boy is under the care of a vet who will clean up that nasty wound and monitor his progress.
Will they be testing for FIV?
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Sending lots of for your darling boy.
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lots of healing coming your way for lol Gatto

calming for you to
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i brought him home last night and he was still a bit out of it, he was very cute
He would not leave my side, he stayed in the kitchen while i was cooking just staring at nothing, i gave him a little bit of food and it took him ages to eat it, when i sat on the couch he came and snuggled up to me and we stayed there for ages until he finally moved and I went to bed!
I woke up with him laying next to me, he has just had breakfast and now here comes the dreadful part, i have to rub his wound with salted water to keep it open for the next few days and i have to do it twice daily!
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Oh Fran! - And for Gatto - BUT... he's home.

So what was the prognosis? Did it turn out to "just" be an infection they had to drain?

Keeping up for your baby boy's healing!
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Just catching up with this thread now Fran

Sending lots of healing vibes for Teufel!
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Just checking in on Teufel. How's he doing?
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he looks fine and is running around, and relaxing, constant battle getting his antibiotics in, i have to mix it with a tiny bit of honey so i can smear it into his gums, but as soon as he sees it on my finger he runs!

Cleaning his would is seriously making me ill so i had to get my MIL to come and do it!
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Oh, Fran, I'm sorry to hear that Teufel is still having trouble with his leg. Mega that he heals up quickly now!
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Poor baby...
will he be re-check by his vet soon?

Sending more healing thoughts to your brave boy.
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I am sorry to hear about what you and Gatto have been through. If your vet hasn't advised it, three months after the initial fighting Gatto should be tested for FeLV and FIV.

It can take 3 months for a test to show positive after exposure, that's why it's important to wait. Well you can do it now, but then will have to recheck in 3 months anyway.

You are a great cat mom. Best wishes for an uneventful recovery from here on.
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Just wanted to update everyone,
Teufel Has been such a good boy looking after me and he did very well with his wound, it has healed nicely.

We did have our moments with the honey medicine but he still loves me none the less!
He so wants to go back outside and hubby is in the process of designing and building a cat enclosure for our backyard!!

I am so glad he is back to him self and his fur is growing nicely!!

Lots of Kisses and Paws and thank you all for your support and vibes!
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This is wonderful news.
The enclosure sounds like a great idea...
when it's finished, be sure to share some photos with us.
Way to go Gatto.
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