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Good vibes for Gatto (Teufel)

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I had such a horrible day yesterday, I went to work and i felt awful, went to the doctor and then was rushed to hospital, didnt get home until midnight!

One of DH friends let Gatto out and they know I do not like this, anyway hubby had to work at 5 and he couldn't get him back inside, by this stage he just found out i was going into hospital so he thought he would be alright outside.

There has been two big tom cats who keep harassing my kitties through the windows and i never let Gatto outside after dark because that's when screaming matches start.

I saw Gatto come in and he seemed fine, this morning i was wondering where he was because he normally rushes to the kitchen to have breakfast and then dashes to the door to have his morning play in the grass, I couldn't find him anywhere and then as i layed on the couch for my bedrest, i saw him just laying there in a cat house i bought him from Iams.

I went up to him and pet him, he started growling at me, and then hissed at me, i told him to get up twice and then i said thats it im taking you to the vet! I could see there was something wrong in his eyes and i started to panic and got hubby to come and look at him. hubby went to pet him and gatto got up and started limping towards the bedroom and hid under the bed, i started crying and grabbed the vets number and she told me to come down right away, i grabbed the carrier and the poor thing couldnt even walk i had to grab him by the scruff and pull him into the cage!

by then he started to whimper and i cried even more while i was getting dressed, i left my car at my MILs so i grabbed hubbys car keys and took off!

He has got very deep bite wounds, and scratches on his legs, those cats got him real good

He is now on antibiotics and he should be fine by tomorrow morning.

All i am asking for is that he gets good vibes for a quick recovery and that he does not get an infection!!

Just another reminder for everyone not to leave their cats outside after dark!
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Awww, poor baby Many vibes he is back to his old self soon

I hope you are okay too Fran
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Many coming his way!
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vibes for Gatto

And a good scolding for that person for letting the cat out in the first place!
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i cant wait to find its freaking owner i tell you that much!
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for you and Gatto!
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Oh Fran, you did not deserve that on top of everything. Good vibes for him for a complete and fast recovery. I am sure he will heal quickly with rest and love. He is probably in shock too and will need extra attention.
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Poor boy. Sending lots of vibes his way.
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You got em Fran!
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no one takes care of our animals like we do! Hopefully, being on the antibiotics, he will not get an infection. Take care of yourself too. You sure didn't need all this!
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Poor Boy. Lots and lots of for a quick recovery.
...and some really strong words for the guy who let him out in the first place.
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
vibes for Gatto

And a good scolding for that person for letting the cat out in the first place!

adding my for Gattos recovery...
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Lots of healthy coming your sweet boys way

And how dare someone who doesn't even live in your house let him out the door!!. He needs to be told straight, and to be honest i wouldn't trust him in my house again where the cats are concerned
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for quick recovery for your baby boy - and for you!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
And how dare someone who doesn't even live in your house let him out the door!!. He needs to be told straight, and to be honest i wouldn't trust him in my house again where the cats are concerned
You are owed a gigantic apology and at a minimum, he will never be that careless again.

Heal quickly sweet Gatto.
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Sending lots of for both of you.
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Aww, poor baby! Lots of vibes for his full recovery!
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Lots of get well for both of you!
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Good Health for the both of you
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I would ask the person who let him out for money toward the vet bill. Poor Teufel (yes, he'll always be Teufel to me ). Vibes and prayers for his quick healing.
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Poor little guy! I hope he's feeling better today. (you too!!)
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Poor, sweet baby! How awful he took such a beating. I hope both of you recover quickly.
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for poor Teufel.......
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How's he doing today, Fran?
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I see that you using Teufel's tooth brushing avatar...
one of my all time favorites.

I hope that your sweetie is healing without complications.
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awww poor lil guy hope hes doing better today
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Keeping up the vibes!
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I was about to post last night, but i fell asleep on my laptop at about 6:30ish, hubby looked a bit puzzled that i was using it as a pillow, i was laying down in bed..

I went to work yesterday and when i got home he was very happy to see me, i let him out of the kitty room, and he walked with me to the lounge room, he was still limping which i was concerned about because the vet said he should stop by last night, anyway he couldn't get up on his spot on the couch and it made my chest hurt, i had no way of helping my little boy. He started growling at him self because he hurt his leg even more.

So he went back in to his room and in his spot, i followed him and gave him some wet food with the tablet in it, he didn't even eat the tablet, so i squished it into a chunk of iams, then i fell asleep and woke up went in to check on him, and he had only half chewed it, then i squished it into powder and gave him some more iams and he ate it all yay!!

I then sat there for about half an hour just giving him love and scritchies and talking to him, he was purring so loudly

I left his door open last night, and this morning i woke up to him being by the doorway, he is still limping but i dont think its as bad as yesterday and the swelling has gone down a fair bit.
To me his leg looks a bit twisted just his back one that is sore, i dont know if its because of the way he is limping but I am getting alarm bells.
I will see how he goes today and if he is still limping by tonight I will take him back to the vet.

I spoke to the guy who let him out he feels awful but i cant blame him because of how the day went, he said Teufel escaped as he went out the back yard to smoke, (Teufel tends to do this a fair bit but Hubby and I are too smart for him these days) Hubby then gave him a brief lecture but because it was morning, he said i will be back just after lunch so it will be ok, and then i was rushed to hospital and never got home!

Had the boys around on monday and gave them all a lecture about being in this house and to be mindful about the cats! I did sound like a B**** but its my house, and the fact when ever they are around it looks like a bomb has just hit the loungeroom and kitchen! I then went off my tree at hubby and he now feels bad!

He better come home today and help around the house

I better feed the kitties they are meowing at me!
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How are you both doing?
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I am fine! Infact i feel very healthy now

Gatto is getting better, he is still limping, but he can use both back legs now and been jumping up in high places, he has been a good boy and eating his antibiotics, I am still concerned with his ankle because he ripped off his fur, and to me it looks like a massive wound, I can touch his leg now and he doesnt seem to care but I am taking him to the vet tomorrow after work and lets see what they say!
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