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Favorite sleeping spot

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Speedy has a favorite sleeping spot that I'm hoping he out grows. He will climb up me when I am sitting at the computer to sleep on my chest. If I don't support him he will just put out his claws to keep from falling down. I have tried to put him down, over and over, but he's VERY persistent. While it's sweet now when he is little, I know he's going to get too heavy for this, suggestions on how to dissuade him?

He sleeps so hard this way that he drooled on me a little bit ago. I'm wondering if he does this to be near my heartbeat sonce he lost his momma.
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Da Magpie did this when she first came to the house - would crawl onto me and burrow between me and my sweater. I think she did it to be near my heart beat and for the warmth (was winter when she came in).She finally quit when she no longer fit between me and the sweater but still insists on sleeping curled up against me under the covers. She was an orphan too.
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Oh, what an absolute darling!
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Sooo adorable

Ku Ku changes her sleeping spot frequently - her current favorite spots are: right next to me on my computer chair while I'm on-line(& eventually pushes me out by stretching...), in the pet-carrier(I leave it out all the time just in case so I don't have to unnecessarily scare her off when I'd have to put her in the carrier), OR, curling up right next to my armpit when I'm sleeping

I don't think you should worry about his current favorite spot.
I'm sure he'll outgrow once he gets bigger & realizes he's physically no longer able to sleep on his favorite spot
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Aww cute.. <3
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i'm sure she'll find a new spot eventually. in the mean time enjoy it because that's adorable
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Awwwwwwwww!! What a sweet little baby! He probably likes the warmth, the smell of you, and hearing your heartbeat.

Hannah likes to sleep up on my shoulder like you'd hold a baby. She tucks her head under my chin, stretches her one front leg over my shoulder, and proceeds to purr away and go to sleep. It was a whole lot easier to hold her when she weighed 4 lbs as opposed to her current 8 lbs!
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My RB kitty, Leo liked to sleep like that a lot when he was a cute little cuddly kitten, and it was adorable. When he grew to a 22 lb whopping cuddle monster, not so much. Fortunately, he did not want to do it very often after he grew up. He was an abandoned baby, rescued from a parking lot.
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That is just too cute!! And I loved that he "drooled"!!
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I have no suggestions. One of my boys (Shadow) likes to lie on my chest, and my boys and...three and a half? That can't be right. I think it is! Anyway, it probably is to hear your heart beat. Speedy is such a cutie.
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Originally Posted by myfamiliars View Post
I have no suggestions.
I have no suggestions either I just wanna say cute kitty! (he looks like he's wearing white athletic socks)

the situation will be fine if you set your mind to it. he'll love you no matter what good luck too
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how cute! sorry I don't have any suggestions...neither one of my cats do that..but smokey (my grey cat) likes to climb on my lap and go to sleep..and sometimes if he can't get comfy from the way i'm sitting he'll use his dig into me..
and then..I move im not a pin cushion either
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