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Dirty Noses

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Over the past few days I've noticed Mango & Pink have very dirty looking noses & mouths. It looks like they've been playing in the fire-place!

I haven't fed them any wet food for the past few days so I'm sure that's not it.

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

It's not like peaches has been out laying in the dirt, she's an indoor cat!
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It may be that mom has stopped grooming them so much but they haven't quite learned how to do it themselves yet. But check to make sure their noses are stopped up - it may be an URI.
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How old are they?
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3 1/2 weeks now.

I had thought of the stop grooming idea but the rest of them are very clean. I don't even know how they are getting ANYTHING on their noses.

It's possible it is coming from their noses but there are no bad breathing noises and the dirt is also all over their mouths.

It's a real puzzler!

They don't have a litter yet.
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Are they being nursed by a mother cat? Sorry to ask all these Q I don't keep up with many threads in this forum

If they are being nursed this is very normal it's just from rubbing on the mummy while they're suckling. Often just a build up of dried milk and debris
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Yes they still have their mom - that must be what it is!!! Thanks WC .

Is there anything I should do to clean it off? They just look so dirty! They did get a bath today but I couldn't get allot of it off :S.
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